Special Election Notice for Utah

Special Election Notice for Utah

The State of Utah will conduct a special primary election on Tuesday, September 5th, to fill a vacancy for the 2nd Congressional District, which includes Salt Lake City and western and southern portions of Utah, including Saint George and Tooele.

Register to Vote: Service members, eligible family members, and overseas citizens can register to vote up until August 25, 2023 at 5PM. Voters can use the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) to register to vote, request a ballot, and update any contact information by using the completion tool available at fvap.gov/FPCA or by using the fillable PDF version. After completing the FPCA, voters must print, sign, and send it to their local election office.

Request a Ballot: Utah voters in the 2nd Congressional District who are already registered and want to receive a mailed ballot must send in the FPCA as a ballot request by September 4. Registered voters who prefer to receive their ballot by email or fax can request their ballot up until Election Day. Registered voters can send their completed, signed FPCA directly to their election office by email, mail, or fax.

Submit the Voted Ballot: Utah voters in the 2nd Congressional District can return their voted absentee ballot by mail, email, or fax and they must be received by September 5 at 8PM where they live. Detailed instructions and county contact information are available at Utah (FVAP.gov) Voters can verify the status of their voting materials by contacting their election office directly.

If a requested ballot has not arrived, use the Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (FWAB) immediately at fvap.gov/FWAB. It works like a backup ballot. If your official absentee ballot arrives after sending in the FWAB, complete and send in the official ballot, too. Only one will be counted.

To make sure your voted ballot is received, go to FVAP.gov, select Utah from the pulldown menu and then click the "check the status of your voted ballot" button.

The Department of Defense is required to send this email notification starting 90 days before each election for federal office. This information is current as of June 21, 2023. As updates may occur, please check the election calendars and state guidelines at FVAP.gov for real time information.


If you would like more information on the Federal Voting Assistance Program, or need help with the absentee voting process, please go to FVAP.gov, call 703-588-1584 (toll free 1-800-438-VOTE or DSN 425-1584), or email (vote@fvap.gov).

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