Election Forms and Materials

Election Forms and Tools for Sending

Using an iOS device? You may need to download a third-party tool to fill out your FPCA/FWAB.

For military members, their families and overseas citizens, these resources from FVAP will make voting absentee as easy as possible — wherever you are and in whichever state you vote in.

Register and request your absentee ballot with the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA)

Use the FPCA to both register to vote and request your absentee ballot.


Fill Out the FPCA

Download the FPCA

Make sure to follow your state instructions when filling out your FPCA 

Need an FPCA in another language? See what we have available here.


Vote as a backup using the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB)

Use the FWAB If there isn't enough time to receive and send back your ballot before the election.

It works like a backup ballot. If your official absentee ballot arrives after sending in the FWAB, fill out and send in the official ballot too. Only one will be counted.

Fill Out the FWAB

Download the FWAB

Make sure to follow your state instructions when filling out your FWAB 

Need a FWAB in another language? See what we have available here.


Send in your forms with these helpful tools


You can mail your FPCA, ballot or FWAB postage-free using these return envelopes. Be sure to use the security envelope to seal in your completed ballot or FWAB inside of the mailing envelope.

Using these templates, print directly on a blank envelope or print and affix to an envelope. Find your election office's mailing address.

Standard U.S. Envelope Size (#10)

Standard Europe Envelope Size (C4)

Email or Fax

If your state allows you to email or fax your FPCA, ballot or FWAB, use this cover sheet to help protect the privacy of the materials and ensure they are received correctly. Find your election office's contact information.

 DISCLAIMER: FVAP provides the DoD Fax Service to assist you with sending your election materials. FVAP does not guarantee the acceptance or processing of your materials by your election office. As a user of this service, we encourage you to contact your election office directly to verify whether your information was received.


Register to vote locally with the National Voter Registration Form (NVRF)

If you aren't away from your voting residence, use the NVRF to register to vote, update registration information due to a change of name, make a change of address or register with a political party. The NVRF form is maintained by the Election Assistance Commission.

Get the NVRF