Reports and Surveys

Reports and Surveys

We provide information and resources for absentee voters, Voting Assistance Officers and election officials. This section contains information such as reports to Congress, supporting survey data and general research reports of interest.


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2022 Post Election Voting Survey Statuses

2022 Overseas Citizen Population Survey

Status: Fielding in Progress

FVAP has contracted Fors Marsh, a data analysis company, to administer its 2022 Overseas Citizen Population Survey (OCPS). The survey will be fielding from March to June 2023. Survey invitations and reminders are being sent out by email and postal mail to a random sample of 45,000 overseas citizens. The survey does not collect any information regarding one's political party affiliation or other political choices. All responses to the survey are kept confidential and will not be associated with one's name. The results are then published in an aggregated format within our 2022 Overseas Citizen Population Analysis.

Please note that not all overseas citizens will receive a survey invitation, but only those that are included within the random sample. To find out more about the OCPS, including finding out how the random sample is created, please see our 2020 Overseas Citizen Population Analysis.

If you received an invitation to take the survey, and are experiencing technical difficulties, or, to unsubscribe from the survey reminder letters and emails, please contact the Fors Marsh Help Desk at:  or call +1877-772-8141

Other agencies with reports covering UOCAVA and FVAP activities:

Government Accountability Office (GAO) Reports on FVAP

The GAO reviews FVAP's efforts and recommends improvements to its procedures and the guidance provided to the Services. In response to congressional request, GAO analyzes FVAP's performance measures, strategic plans, relevant DoD directives, budgets, and past audit reports. To view these reports, go to the GAO's website.

Department of Defense Inspector General

Section 1566 of title 10, U.S.C., (10 U.S.C. Ç 1566 (c) (3), [2006]) requires the Department of Defense Inspector General to regularly assess voting assistance and provide reports to Congress. To view these reports, go to the DoDIG's website.

U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC)

Under the Help America Vote Act, the EAC is responsible for collecting information about election administration issues and sharing that information with Congress, election officials and the public. The research section on EAC's website contains completed research and reports, information about EAC research in progress, and additional elections research issued by other organizations. To view these reports, go to the EAC's website.