Reports to Congress

Reports to Congress

Federal and Congressional mandates require FVAP to provide reports on effectiveness, activities, and various research initiatives. Depending on the election year, reporting requirements may be combined into a larger, more comprehensive report. Available reports include:

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Post-Election Survey Reports

FVAP annual reports fulfill the requirement for a report following a Presidential election under section 1973ff(b)(6) of title 42 of the United States Code and its annual reporting requirement under section 1973ff-4a(b). These reports provide insight on FVAP activities, survey results, as well as registration and participation rate for Uniformed Service voters.

Annual Effectiveness Reports

FVAP is required to provide annual assessments of its activities. These assessments are included in Post-Election Reports to Congress in years with a regularly scheduled federal election. The assessment of years with no regularly scheduled election is provided in this section but, includes information on special general elections. Information from these elections helps assess military and overseas voter participation and cooperation between states and FVAP to carry out the requirements of UOCAVA.