Voting Assistance for Military Spouses


We recognize the significant role you play in the military family.  As a military spouse, you are covered under the same law that protects military members' absentee voting rights. This means if you live outside your voting jurisdiction you can vote absentee in all federal elections. Whether you change states or move to another country, provides resources for you to send your vote home.We aim to make the absentee voting experience as easy as possible with our online assistants and answers to frequently asked questions. Regardless of where you and your family are stationed, it is important to note there are offices, people and resources available to assist you.

It only takes a few simple steps to make sure your vote is counted. The Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) enables you to register to vote and request your absentee ballot. You can use the FPCA online assistant, fill out the PDF, or pick up a hard copy version from a Voting Assistance Officer.

  • Complete and sign the FPCA using your state's instructions. Find your state's instructions here.
  • Fold and seal your FPCA. If using the online FPCA, print, sign, and put it in an envelope. You qualify for free postage if you use the approved envelope template.
  • Address and mail the FPCA to your election office. Be sure to include your return address, and affix postage if using a foreign postal service.

* Other eligible family members may be able to vote absentee as well. Check with your state for specifics.

Transitioning or Relocating? What You Need to Know

The military population, yourself included, is extremely mobile. Since voting materials are sent as non-forwardable postal materials, it is important for you to provide your election office with your new address after every move. The address you provide them with is their only way to contact you at your new home.

During your period of transition, you can find voting information and receive direct assistance by visiting an Installation Voter Assistance Office (IVA Office). To locate an IVA Office near you click here. You should visit an IVA Office when your spouse is in-processing at a new duty station. These offices have staff who can give you hard copies of the required forms, assist you in completing the forms, and answer any of your absentee voting questions.