Communicating with Voters

Communicating with Voters

One thing you can do to communicate with your voters is to send a simple postcard notification or email regarding the status of their registration and ballot request. We suggest that you update the voter during each step of the process and let them know:

  • Their Federal Post Card Application has been received
  • Their registration and ballot request was successful
  • If more information is required to process their registration
  • If their registration has been denied, and why

The postcard is available in PDF format. 

We can help!  Click here to view our Information for Election Officials fact sheet. 

To help you communicate with your military and overseas citizen voters, we've created a new toolkit just for election officials! It includes sample social media posts, infographics, email templates, and website content. You're welcome to customize and publish the content as you see fit! Get the toolkit and assets below:

Communications Toolkit for Election Officials

Election Official Communications Toolkit Assets