April 28 - ALEXANDRIA, Va. - Today, the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) released two reports related to its previously mandated electronic voting demonstration project. The legislative requirement for the completion of this demonstration project was repealed in the Fiscal Year 2015 National Defense Authorization Act. As such, the "Voting System Testing Laboratory (VSTL) Functionality and Security Testing" and "Penetration (PEN) Test of a Simulated Election" reports are now posted at FVAP.gov and available to the public.  

In 2010, FVAP commissioned this research as part of its effort to fulfill a longstanding requirement for the conduct of its electronic voting demonstration project. The resulting reports were previously unavailable to the public because they served to inform the congressionally mandated demonstration project and were considered pre-decisional.  However, because the legislative requirement for the completion of this project was repealed, FVAP is now able to release the associated research.      

A cover statement is provided with the reports to help readers understand the proper context of the research as it relates to the demonstration project as a whole. It explains the scope and purpose of the research, limitations, conclusions and recommendations. FVAP encourages the public to review the cover statement -- and reference it when discussing or sharing the research with other military and overseas citizen voting stakeholders.

"We look forward to working with State and local election officials, the Election Assistance Commission and National Institute of Standards and Technology in continually providing timely voting assistance and information for military members, their families and U.S. citizens living overseas," said FVAP Director Matt Boehmer.  

The compiled cover statement and reports document is available at www.fvap.gov/info/reports-surveys/vstl-and-pen-test-reports.


If you experience any issues or have questions, FVAP's call center is available at 1-800-438-VOTE (8683), DSN 425-1584 or at vote@fvap.gov. Toll-free phone numbers from 67 countries are listed at FVAP.gov. Find us on Facebook at /DoDFVAP and follow @FVAP on Twitter.

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