Materials for Citizens Outside the U.S.

Department of State

Voting Assistance Officers (VAOs) are responsible for ensuring that all absentee voting materials are ordered from the General Services Administration (GSA). GSA requires the funding information, the stock number, and the quantity.

  • FPCA (SF 76) Stock number 7540006345053
  • FWAB (SF 186) Stock number 7540012184384.

For expedited service, send a request to GSA, Attn.: Pat Bright, via email at or by fax: 215-446-5123; tel: 215-446-5088

If you have any additional questions please contact:

Overseas Citizen Organizations and Corporations

Representatives of organizations and corporations not associated with the Department of State or a Military Service may request absentee voting materials directly from FVAP by emailing: Provide your name, address, contact information, desired materials and quantity.