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Service Installation Voting Assistance Office Location State Country Phone Number Email
United States Air Force F.E. Warren - IVA Office Building 1284, Room 120c (FSS) WY United States 481-3891 DSN/307-773-3891
United States Army Fort McCoy - IVA Office Building 2187, Soldier Support Services WI United States 608-388-4889
United States Air Force Fairchild - IVA Office 92 FSS Customer Support Area, Building 2040, Room 109 (Co-Located with the Retiree Affairs Office), WA United States 657-1142 DSN/509-247-1142
United States Army JB Lewis-McChord - IVA Office Building 2140, Personnel Services WA United States 253-477-4540
United States Coast Guard Seattle WA - IVA Office 1519 Alaskan Way South, Building 1, 5th Floor WA United States (206) 217-6518
United States Navy NAS Whidbey Island WA - IVA Office Base Administrative, Building 385 (the white house) WA United States 360-257-1827
United States Navy NAVBASE Kitsap Bremerton WA - IVA Office 2300 Gato Street, CNRNW Silverdale; next to Base Galley (Trident Hall) WA United States 360-627-4034/ 396-4046
United States Navy NAVSTA Everett WA - IVA Office PSD Building 2000, Office 312, first building on the right next to main gate WA United States 425-304-3188
United States Air Force Langley - IVA Office Base Library VA United States 574-6862 DSN/ 757-225-9002
United States Army Fort Belvoir - IVA Office Building 1155, Welcome Center VA United States 703-806-0734
United States Army JB Myer-Henderson Hall - IVA Office Building 202, Room B-23 VA United States 703-696-6361
United States Army Fort AP Hill IVA Office 18436 4th Street, VA United States (804) 633-8304
United States Coast Guard Portsmouth VA - IVA Office 4000 Coast Guard Blvd. VA United States (757) 638-2791
United States Marine Corps MCB Quantico - IVA Office Adjutant’s Office, Lejuene Hall, Building 3250, Room 210 VA United States 703-784-2151
United States Navy Joint Base Anacostia Bolling - IVA Office JBAB Housing Center, 21 MacDill Blvd VA United States 202-404-6280
United States Navy JEB Little Creek-Fort Story VA - IVA Office Fleet & Family Support Center, 1450 D Street, Building 3129 VA United States 757-462-7563
United States Navy NAS Oceana VA - IVA Office Building 230 (the white house), Room 217; across from Base Chapel VA United States 757-433-3172
United States Navy NAVSTA Norfolk VA - IVA Office Building U-16, Miller Hall Norfolk Naval Station VA United States 757-444-6527/757-445-0158
United States Navy NSA Hampton Roads VA - IVA Office Bldg NH140, Admin Office, 3rd Deck; 1st building on the right at Gate 5 VA United States 757-836-1490
United States Navy NSA South Potomac Dahlgren VA - IVA Office NSF Dahlgren, VA - FFSC, Building 214 - NSF Indian Head, MD- Library/ITT Office, Building 620 VA United States DGL - 540-653-2205/1839/ Indian Head - 301-744-4850