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Service Installation Voting Assistance Office Location State Country Phone Number Email
United States Navy Joint Base Anacostia Bolling - IVA Office JBAB Housing Center, 21 MacDill Blvd VA United States 202-404-6280
United States Navy Camp Lemonnier Djibouti - IVA Office Building 199, Public Affairs Office United Arab Emirates 311-824-5618 DSN
United States Navy NAF El Centro CA - IVA Office Building 139, Air Traffic Control LCPO Office CA United States 760-339-2603
United States Navy NAS Lemoore CA - IVA Office Hangar 4 (SAR), Office 124 CA United States 559-998-0974/0986
United States Navy NAVBASE Coronado San Diego CA - IVA Office Building 678, CO Building; across from the NEX CA United States 619-545-7418/619-767-7344
United States Navy NAVBASE Point Loma CA - IVA Office Building 140, Room 110 CA United States 619-553-8858
United States Navy NAVBASE San Diego CA - IVA Office Pier 2, Building 72, Room 210 CA United States 619-556-2406
United States Navy NAVBASE Ventura County Pt Mugu CA - IVA Office 1000 23rd Ave, Building 1433, Floor 1, Room 2 CA United States 805-982-4358
United States Navy NAWS China Lake CA - IVA Office China Lake All Faith Chapel, Building 02601 CA United States 760-939-3506/5630
United States Navy NSA Monterey CA - IVA Office Building 271, Room 117; NSA HQ Building CA United States 831-656-3098
United States Navy WPNSTA Seal Beach CA - IVA Office Building 204, Office 105; Base HQ Building CA United States 562-626-7902/7901
United States Navy SUBASE New London CT - IVA Office Building 429, Office 115; Navy Gateway Inns and Suites CT United States 860-694-5939
United States Navy NSA Washington DC - IVA Office 1411 Parsons Ave SE, Building 101, Office 343, across from Base Exchange DC United States 202-433-2008/685-1278
United States Navy NAS Jacksonville FL - IVA Office Building 1, Room 135; near the installation's quarterdeck FL United States 942-2889 DSN/ 904-542-2889
United States Navy NAS Key West FL - IVA Office Building V-4059, Room 7 FL United States 305-293-4417
United States Navy NAS Pensacola FL - IVA Office Building 1500, Room 229 and Building 38, Office 202 FL United States 850-452-4244/8504
United States Navy NAS Whiting Field Milton FL - IVA Office Building 1401, Room 122, Suite C FL United States 850-623-7013
United States Navy NAVSTA Mayport FL - IVA Office Building 1, Admin offices, Room 901; across from Mini Nex and Post Office FL United States 904-270-5940 X1302
United States Navy NSA Orlando FL - IVA Office DeFlorez Building, Cubicle 2050D FL United States 407-380-4769/407-381-8673
United States Navy NSA Panama City FL - IVA Office Building 97 FL United States 850-230-7147