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Installation Voter Assistance Office Contact Information

To find the contact information for an Installation Voter Assistance Office near you use the search below.


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Service Installation Voting Assistance Office Location State Country Phone Number Email
United States Army Fort Sill - IVA Office Building 4700, Soldier Support Center OK United States 580-442-0148
United States Army Carlisle BKS - IVA Office 22 Ashburn Dr., Room 107 PA United States 717-245-4898
United States Army Fort Buchanon - IVA Office Building 514 PR United States 787-707-3504
United States Army Fort Jackson - IVA Office Building 5450, Military Personnel Division SC United States 803-751-6791
United States Army Fort Bliss - IVA Office Building 500A, Military Personnel Division TX United States 915-569-7078
United States Army Dugway Proving Ground - IVA Office Building 5450, Room 1515 UT United States 435-831-2826
United States Army Fort Belvoir - IVA Office Building 1155, Welcome Center VA United States 703-806-0734
United States Army Fort Lee - IVA Office Soldier Support Center, Room 107E VA United States 804-734-6980
United States Army JB Myer-Henderson Hall - IVA Office Building 202, Room B-23 VA United States 703-696-6361
United States Army JB Lewis-McChord - IVA Office Building 2140, Personnel Services WA United States 253-477-4540
United States Army Fort McCoy - IVA Office Building 2187, Soldier Support Services WI United States 608-388-4889
United States Army USAG Rheinland-Pfalz - IVA Office Kleber Kaserne, Building 3245, Room 113/Smith Barracks, Building 8660, Room 105 Germany 314-483-8894 DSN/011-49-631-411-8894
United States Army USAG Humphreys - IVA Office Building 543, Room 4 South Korea 315-753-7994 DSN
United States Army Fort Campbell - IVA Office Building 2702, Room 201, Soldier Support Center KY United States 270-956-1005
United States Army Fort AP Hill IVA Office 18436 4th Street, VA United States (804) 633-8304
United States Army Fort Hood - IVA Office Copeland Soldier Service Center, Bldg 18010, Room A311 TJ Mills Street and Battalion Ave TX United States 254-553-0692
United States Army Fort Meade - IVA Office 2234 Huber Rd., Building 2234, Room 108 MD United States 301-677-2506
United States Army Brussels - IVA Office Daumerie Caserne, Building 30, Room 107 Belgium DSN 314-361-5973
United States Army USAG Bavaria - IVA Office Building 244, Room 234 (Tower Barracks) Germany DSN 314-475-8855 / CIV 09641-83-8855
United States Army USAG Daegu - IVA Office Building 1307, Room 5, Camp Henry South Korea 315-768-7948 DSN