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Service Installation Voting Assistance Office Location State Country Phone Number Email
United States Army Fort Leavenworth - IVA Office 600 Thomas Ave, BLDG 198, Resiliency Center Room 155C KS United States 913-684-1717
United States Army Fort Riley - IVA Office Building 210, Personnel Processing KS United States 785-239-0610
United States Army USAG Livorno - IVA Office Building 28, Vicenza Italy 314-634-8743 DSN
United States Army USAG Vicenza - IVA Office Building 28, MPD Italy 314-634-8743 DSN
United States Army Camp Zama - IVA Office Building 102, Room M109, Military Personnel Division Japan 315-263-5149 DSN
United States Army Torii Station - IVA Office Building 246, Room 110 Japan 315-644-4149 DSN
United States Army Fort Campbell - IVA Office Building 2702, Room 201, Soldier Support Center KY United States 270-956-1005
United States Army Fort Knox - IVA Office Building 1384, White Hall, Room 102A KY United States 502-624-7325
United States Army Fort Polk - IVA Office Building 1830, Soldier Support Center LA United States (337) 531-1755/1117
United States Army USAG Natick - IVA Office 10 Kansas St. MA United States 508-233-4020/4324
United States Army Aberdeen Proving Ground - IVA Office Building 4305, Susquehanna Ave, Room 151 MD United States 458-2302 DSN/ 410-306-2302
United States Army Fort Detrick - IVA Office Building 1520, Room 139A, Military Personnel Division MD United States 301-619-3381
United States Army Fort Meade - IVA Office 2234 Huber Rd., Building 2234, Room 108 MD United States 301-677-2506
United States Army USAG Casey - IVA Office Building S-2440, Maude Hall South Korea 315-730-6107 DSN
United States Army USAG Daegu - IVA Office Building 1307, Room 5, Camp Henry South Korea 315-768-7948 DSN
United States Army USAG Red Cloud - IVA Office Building S-2440, Maude Hall South Korea 315-730-6107 DSN
United States Army USAG Yongsan - IVA Office Building 4305, Room 133 South Korea 315-738-7621 DSN/011-822-7918-4534
United States Army USAG Rheinland-Pfalz - IVA Office Kleber Kaserne, Building 3245, Room 114 Germany DSN 314-483-8894 or 8405 /011-49-631-411-8894 or 8405
United States Army USAG Humphreys - IVA Office Building 543, Room 4 South Korea 315-753-7994 DSN
United States Army Fort AP Hill IVA Office 18436 4th Street, VA United States (804) 633-8304