Installation Voter Assistance Office Continuity Folder

Listed below are FVAP's suggested Installation Voter Assistance Office Continuity Folder items:

Office Designation

This is the written documentation designating the Installation Voter Assistance Office as a Voter Registration Agency. This may take the form of a base instruction and should be attained from Installation Headquarters. Sample direction establishing Installation Voting Assistance (IVA) Office and letter assigning personnel.

Personnel Designation

Every person staffing the Installation Voter Assistance Office will need to obtain a letter from the Installation Commander declaring them as Installation Voter Assistance Office personnel. This can parallel the template used for the VAO designation letter, samples of which are available from the Marine Corps and Air Force.

Installation Voter Assistance Office Training Certificate

Installation Voter Assistance Office Training is required for all personnel who will be staffing the office. More information on training can be found here. Once you complete the training, a certificate will be awarded. Certificates for all personnel should be kept in the folder.

Personnel Directory

Contact information for the Installation Voter Assistance Office and all personnel should be included to ensure coverage of the office during normal hours of operation.

Directives and Guidance

Keep Service specific voting directives and guidance to help with the execution of your duties.

Absentee Voting Forms (FPCA, FWAB, NVRF)

The Federal Postcard Application, Federal Write In Absentee Ballot and coversheet are available for download here. The National Mail Voter Registration Form can be downloaded here.

Current Voting Assistance Guide

The Voting Assistance Guide (VAG) is a compilation of absentee voting regulations, laws, deadlines, and procedures.

Monthly Reporting Records

The Installation Voter Assistance Office is required to maintain monthly records on the volume of assistance provided. Specific instructions on the metrics to be maintained can be found in your Service-specific guidance.

FVAP Calendars

The Election Dates calendar shows when each Primary Election will be held and what Federal offices are on the ballot.

  • 2016 Primary Election Dates Calendar - Coming Soon

Installation Voter Assistance Office Handbook

The Handbook contains extensive information on the establishment and operation of the installation voter assistance office as well as direction and tools on assisting applicants and voters. The Handbook can be downloaded here.