2014-08-26T00:00:00.000 State Primary 2014-11-04T05:00:00.000 2014-08-20T00:00:00.000 State Primary Registration 2014-10-29T00:00:00.000 General Election Registration 2014-08-25T00:00:00.000 State Primary Ballot Request 2014-11-03T01:00:00.000 General Election Ballot Request 2014-08-26T00:00:00.000 State Primary Ballot Return 2014-11-04T01:00:00.000 General Election Ballot Return How can I register to vote as a military or overseas voter? Fill out and return the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) to your local election office. This form allows you to register to vote and identifies you as a voter covered by *UOCAVA* (Federal law providing special protections). What is my voting residence? The place you consider your true, fixed and permanent home. Do I need to claim a political party to vote in primary elections? You only need to claim a political party to vote in Presidential primary elections. Political party affiliation is not required if only requesting absentee ballots for State primary and general elections. How can I submit my FPCA? You may submit your FPCA by mail, email or fax directly to your local election official. Addresses can be found at the end of this section. If you choose to email the FPCA you must also submit it by mail. How often must I submit my FPCA? Each year. If I am currently registered to vote, how may I request an absentee ballot? You can request an absentee ballot by contacting your local elections official by phone, mail, email or fax. Addresses for local election officials can be found at the end of this section. However for the most up-to-date information including phone numbers you should visit our website, [www.vermont-elections.org/town_clerks_guide.html] (http://www.vermont-elections.org/town_clerks_guide.html). How can I return my voted ballot or Federal Write-In Ballot (FWAB)? You must return your voted ballot or FWAB by mail. What must I do to use the FWAB and can I use the FWAB to vote in State and local elections? You may use the FWAB if you have previously registered and requested an absentee ballot for an election. The FWAB may be used to vote for any Federal, State, or local office in a general, primary or special election. I am an American citizen, but I have never lived in the U.S., can I register to vote in this State? No. Will I need a notary or witness for my FPCA or FWAB? No. Where can I find information about the candidates and/or other items that will be on my ballot? Visit the Vermont State Elections website, [www.vermont-elections.org] (http://www.vermont-elections.org) or call (802) 828-2363. City 802-759-2233 addisontown@gmavt.net Addison 7099 VT RTE 22A Addison VT 05491-8919 City albany@gaw.com Albany PO Box 284 Albany VT 05820 City 802-796-3939 townofalburgh@fairpoint.net Alburgh 1 North Main Street Alburg VT 05440-4404 City 802-875-6647 clerk@vermontel.net Andover 953 Weston-Andover Road Andover VT 05143-9192 City 802-375-2332 arltc@comcast.net Arlington PO Box 304 Arlington VT 05250 City 802-869-3370 townofathens@hotmail.com Athens 56 Brookline Road Athens VT 05143-8428 City 802-827-3106 townclerk_bakersfield@comcast.net Bakersfield PO Box 203 Bakersfield VT 05441 City 802-263-5274 baltimorevt@tds.net Baltimore 1902 Baltimore Road Baltimore VT 05143-4446 City barnardto@gmail.com Barnard PO Box 274 Barnard VT 05031 City 802-633-4315 townclerk@barnetvt.org Barnet PO Box 15 Barnet VT 05821 City 802-476-0264 cdawes@barrecity.org Barre City PO Box 418 Barre City VT 05641 City 802-479-9332 dkelty@barretown.org Barre Town PO Box 124 Websterville VT 05678 City 802-525-8856 bartontown@comcast.net Barton 34 Main Street Barton VT 05822 City 802-644-6621 beltc@pshift.com Belvidere 3996 VT RTE 109 Belvidere VT 05442-9547 City 802-442-1068 cbarbeau@bennington.com Bennington 205 South Street Bennington VT 05201-2297 City 802-537-2612 jlbenson@shoreham.net Benson PO Box 163 Benson VT 05731 City 802-933-5913 townclerk@berkshirevt.com Berkshire 4454 Watertower Road Enosburg VT 05450 City 802-229-9530 townclerk@berlinvt.org Berlin 108 Shed Road Berlin VT 05602-9049 City 802-234-6840 betheltownclerk@comcast.net Bethel PO Box 404 Bethel VT 05032 City 802-962-5191 townofbloomfieldvt@gmail.com Bloomfield PO Box 336 North Stratford VT 03590 City 802-434-6404 dlariviere53@yahoo.com Bolton 3045 T. Roosevelt Highway Bolton VT 05676-9203 City 802-222-3520 clerk@bradford-vt.us Bradford PO Box 339 Bradford VT 05033 City 802-728-9787 braintreetownclerk@comcast.net Braintree 932 Vt. Rt. 12A Braintree VT 05060-9741 City 802-465-8377 wadick@sover.net Brandon 49 Center Street Brandon VT 05733-1105 City 802-257-2312 acappy@brattleboro.org Brattleboro 230 Main Street, Suite 108 Brattleboro VT 05301-2876 City 802-672-5395 twnbridg@comcast.net Bridgewater 7335 US Route 4 Bridgewater VT 05034 City bridporttown@gmavt.net Bridport PO Box 27 Bridport VT 05734 City 802-723-4405 Brightonclerk@comcast.net Brighton PO Box 377 Island Pond VT 05846 City 802-453-5188 bristoltown@gmavt.net Bristol PO Box 249 Bristol VT 05443 City 802-276-3926 btownhall@aol.com Brookfield PO Box 463 Brookfield VT 05036 City 802-365-4092 brook763@comcast.net Brookline PO Box 403 Newfane VT 05345 City 802-754-8401 browningtontc@comcast.net Brownington PO Box 66 Orleans VT 05860 City 802-962-5522 bruns321@sover.net Brunswick 994 VT RTE 102 Brunswick VT 05905-9575 City 802-467-8623 burke@burkevermont.org Burke 212 School Street West Burke VT 05871-9009 City 802-865-7014 sschrader@ci.burlington.vt.us Burlington 149 Church Street Burlington VT 05401-8450 City 802-563-2623 tcocabot@fairpoint.net Cabot PO Box 36 Cabot VT 05647 City calais.townclerk@gmail.com Calais 3120 Pekin Brook Road Calais VT 05650-4414 City 802-644-8348 jane.cto@myfairpoint.net Cambridge PO Box 127 Jeffersonville VT 05464 City 802-266-8253 nlabrecque@canaanschools.org Canaan PO Box 159 Canaan VT 05903 City 802-468-5482 casclerk@shoreham.net Castleton PO Box 727 Castleton VT 05735 City 802-226-7290 j.pixley@comcast.net Cavendish PO Box 126 Cavendish VT 05142 City 802-895-2814 townofcharlestonvt@comcast.net Charleston 5063 Vt. Rte. 105 West Charleston VT 05872-9742 City 802-425-4713 mary@townofcharlotte.com Charlotte PO Box 119 Charlotte VT 05445 City 802-685-4460 town.clerk@chelseavt.us Chelsea PO Box 266 Chelsea VT 05038 City 802-875-2237 tcchester@vermontel.net Chester PO Box 370 Chester VT 05143 City 802-483-2504 chittendenvt@comcast.net Chittenden PO Box 89 Chittenden VT 05737 City 802-775-4274 clarendonclerk@comcast.net Clarendon PO Box 30 Clarendon VT 05759 City 802-264-5503 krichard@colchestervt.gov Colchester PO Box 55 Colchester VT 05446 City 802-695-2552 townclerk@conclerk.com Concord PO Box 317 Concord VT 05824 City 802-754-6274 covtc@hotmail.com Conventry PO Box 104 Conventry VT 05825 City 802-439-9104 corino@tops-tele.com Corinth PO Box 461 Corinth VT 05039 City 802-462-2606 cornwallvt@shoreham.net Cornwall 2629 Route 30 Cornwall VT 05753-9299 City 802-586-2323 craftsbury@gmail.com Craftsbury PO Box 55 Craftsbury VT 05826 City 802-293-5311 Danby PO Box 231 Danby VT 05739 City 802-684-9606 danvtc36@yahoo.com Danville PO Box 183 Danville VT 05828 City 802-766-2027 derbytc@derbyvt.org Derby PO Box 25 Derby VT 05829 City 802-362-5156 dorsetclerk@gmail.com Dorset PO Box 24 East Dorset VT 05253 City 802-464-8721 dvrclerk@sover.net Dover PO Box 527 West Dover VT 05356 City 802-257-4671 townclerk@dummerston.org Dummerston 1523 Middle Road East Dummerston VT 05346-9554 City 802-244-5442 duxbury1@myfairpoint.net Duxbury 5421 VT Route 100 Duxbury VT 05676-9572 City East Haven PO Box 10 East Haven VT 05837 City 802-223-4467 eastmonttct@comcast.net East Montpelier PO Box 157 East Montpeilier VT 05651 City 802-635-1724 cveareden@myfairpoint.net Eden 71 Old Schoolhouse Road Eden Mills VT 05653-9753 City 802-888-2637 mccorkill@aol.com Elmore PO Box 123 Lake Elmore VT 05657 City 802-933-4832 enostown@myfairpoint.net Enosburgh PO Box 465 Enosburg Falls VT 05450 City 802-878-1353 cmoomey@essex.org Essex 81 Main Street Essex Junction VT 05452-3211 City 802-265-3176 sdclerk@comcast.net Fair Haven 3 North Park Place Fair Haven VT 05743-1069 City 802-849-6276 fairfaxvttco@yahoo.com Fairfax PO Box 27 Fairfax VT 05454 City 802-827-3653 amanda@fairfieldvermont.us Fairfield PO Box 5 Fairfield VT 05455 City 802-333-9214 townclerk@fairleevt.org Fairlee PO Box 95 Fairlee VT 05045 City 802-496-9850 faystontc@madriver.com Fayston 866 N. Fayston Road North Fayston VT 05660-9211 City 802-877-6757 ferrisburghclerk@comcast.net Ferrisburgh PO Box 6 Ferrisburgh VT 05456 City 802-849-2500 townfletcher@surfglobal.net Fletcher 215 Cambridge Road Cambridge VT 05444-9622 City 802-285-2181 townoff@franklinvt.net Franklin PO Box 82 Franklin VT 05457 City 802-524-3543 georgia_clerk@comcast.net Georgia 47 Town Common Road N St. Albans VT 05478-6089 City 802-525-4115 glovertc@comcast.net Glover 51 Bean Hill Road Glover VT 05839-9669 City 802-247-6740 townclerk@goshenvt.org Goshen 50 Carlisle Hill Road Goshen VT 05733-8482 City 802-843-6100 gtclerk@vermontel.net Grafton PO Box 180 Grafton VT 05146 City 802-328-2200 granby@wildblue.net Granby PO Box 56 Granby VT 05840 City 802-372-8815 clerk@town.grand-isle.vt.us Grand Isle PO Box 49 Grand Isle VT 05458 City 802-767-3968 granvilletown@gmavt.net Granville PO Box 66 Granville VT 05747 City 802-533-2191 townclerk@greensborovt.org Greensboro PO Box 119 Greensboro VT 05841 City 802-584-3276 grotonclerk@fairpoint.net Groton 1476 Scott Highway Groton VT 05046-5603 City 802-676-3518 townclerk@hughes.net Guildhall PO Box 10 Guildhall VT 05905 City 802-257-5764 guilfordtc@yahoo.com Guilford 236 School Road Guilford VT 05301-8319 City 802-368-7390 halifax@myfairpoint.net Halifax PO Box 127 West Halifax VT 05358 City 802-767-3660 hancocktwnclerk@yahoo.com Hancock 48 Vermont RT 125 Hancock VT 05748 City 802-472-3793 alberta.miller@hardwickvt.org Hardwick PO Box 523 Hardwick VT 05843 City 802-295-6382 mhill@hartford-vt.org Hartford 171 Bridge Street White River Junction VT 05001-7034 City 802-436-2464 cjenne@hartlandvt.org Hartland PO Box 349 Hartland VT 05048 City 802-868-3064 tracine.town@comcast.net Highgate PO Box 189 Highgate Center VT 05459 City 802-482-5404 mross@hinesburg.org Hinesburg 10632 Rt 116 Hinesburg VT 05461 City 802-895-4440 holland1805@hotmail.com Holland 120 School Road Holland VT 05830-8961 City 802-273-3729 clrkhubb@shoreham.net Hubbardton 1831 Monument Hill Road Castleton VT 05735-9654 City 802-434-4731 huntingtonclerk@gmavt.net Huntington 4930 Main Road Huntington VT 05462-9803 City 802-888-6878 kim@hydeparkvt.com Hyde Park PO Box 98 Hyde Park VT 05655 City 802-235-1045 iraclerk@vermontel.net Ira PO Box 870 West Rutland VT 05777 City 802-754-2242 irasburgtc@comcast.net Irasburg PO Box 51 Irasburg VT 05845 City 802-928-3002 islemott@fairpoint.net Isle La Motte PO Box 250 Isle La Motte VT 05463 City 802-874-4558 jamaicatownclerk@svcable.net Jamaica PO Box 173 Jamaica VT 05343 City 802-988-2996 townofjay@comcast.net Jay 1036 VT RTE 242 Jay VT 05859-9694 City 802-899-5549 jerichovermont@yahoo.com Jericho PO Box 67 Jericho VT 05465 City 802-635-2393 raudibert@townofjohnson.com Johnson PO Box 383 Johnson VT 05656 City 802-422-3030 lucrecia@town.killington.vt.us Killington PO Box 429 Killington VT 05751 City 802-626-9386 kirbytc@kingcon.com Kirby 346 Town Hall Road Lyndonville VT 05851-9511 City 802-824-3716 townoflandgrove@gmail.com Landgrove PO Box 508 Londonderry VT 05148 City 802-247-6501 leicestervt@comcast.net Leicester 44 Schoolhouse Road Leicester VT 05733-9147 City 802-277-4091 lemitown@localnet.com Lemington 2549 River Road VT 102 Lemington VT 05903-9610 City 802-453-2975 clerk@lincolnvermont.org Lincoln 62 Quaker Street Lincoln VT 05443-9253 City 802-824-4259 londontown@vermontel.net Londonderry PO Box 118 South Londonderry VT 05155 City 802-744-2357 kclinger@lowelltown.org Lowell 2170 VT Rt. 100 Lowell VT 05847-9790 City 802-228-8399 treasure@ludlow.vt.us Ludlow PO Box 307 Ludlow VT 05149 City 802-892-5100 lunenburg01@live.com Lunenburg PO Box 54 Lunenburg VT 05906 City 802-626-1265 Lyndon PO Box 167 Lyndonville VT 05851 City 802-676-3210 townclerk@hughes.net Maidstone PO Box 118 Guildhall VT 05905 City 802-362-1314 a.sheldon@manchester-vt.gov Manchester PO Box 830 Manchester Center VT 05255 City 802-257-2447 marlboroclerk@myfairpoint.net Marlboro PO Box E Marlboro VT 05344 City 802-426-3045 clerk@town.marshfield.vt.us Marshfield 122 School Street, Room 1 Marshfield VT 05658-8032 City 802-773-9682 mendonclerk@comcast.net Mendon 2282 US Route 4 Mendon VT 05701-9649 City 802-388-4261 awebster@townofmiddleburry.org Middlebury 94 Main Street Middlebury VT 05753-1334 City 802-223-1298 middlesxtwnclrk@comcast.net Middlesex 5 Church Street Middlesex VT 05602-8790 City 802-235-2066 Middletown@vermontel.com Middletown Springs PO Box 1232 Middletown Springs VT 05757 City 802-893-1005 jcushing@town.milton.vt.us Milton PO Box 18 Milton VT 05468 City 802-453-5612 monktontc@comcast.net Monkton PO Box 12 Monkton VT 05469-6016 City 802-326-5053 montgomerytc@fairpoint.net Montgomery PO Box 356 Montgomery Center VT 05471 City 802-223-9523 choyt@montpelier-vt.org Montpelier 39 Main Street Montpelier VT 05602-2003 City 802-496-2385 moretownclerk@gmmavt.net Moretown PO Box 666 Moretown VT 05660 City 802-895-4204 tmorganvt@comcast.net Morgan PO Box 45 Morgan VT 05853 City 802-888-6375 mawilson@morristownvt.org Morristown PO Box 748 Morrisville VT 05661 City 802-259-2391 mthollytc@yahoo.com Mount Holly PO Box 248 Mount Holly VT 05758 City 802-293-5287 mttabor@vermontel.net Mount Tabor PO Box 245 Mount Tabor VT 05739 City 802-453-7552 newhaven@gmavt.net New Haven 78 North Street New Haven VT 05472-2003 City tclerknewark@kingcon.com Newark 1336 Newark Street Newark VT 05871-9733 City 802-866-5301 Newbury PO Box 126 Newbury VT 05051 City 802-365-7692 tclerknewfane@svcable.net Newfane PO Box 36 Newfane VT 05345 City 802-334-5632 newportcityclerkjim@comcast.net Newport City 222 Main Street Newport VT 05855 City 802-334-6442 nctownclerk@comcast.net Newport Town PO Box 85 Newport Center VT 05857-5000 City 802-372-3806 North Hero PO Box 38 North Hero VT 05474 City 802-485-8426 kpedley@northfield.vt.us Northfield 51 South Main Street Northfield VT 05663-6703 City 802-822-9965 townofnorton@myfairpoint.net Norton 12 VT Route 114 E Norton VT 05907 City 802-649-0123 clerk@norwich.vt.us Norwich PO Box 376 Norwich VT 05055 City 802-479-2673 kfelch@orangevt.org Orange PO Box 233 East Barre VT 05649 City 802-948-2309 tckorwel@sover.net Orwell PO Box 32 Orwell VT 05760 City 802-475-2785 jeanmiller@pantonvt.us Panton PO Box 174 Vergennes VT 05491 City 802-325-6109 pawletclerk@vermontel.net Pawlet PO Box 128 Pawlet VT 05761 City 802-592-3218 townclerk@peacham.net Peacham PO Box 244 Peacham VT 05862 City PERUTOWN@MYFAIRPOINT.NET Peru PO Box 127 Peru VT 05152 City 802-746-8170 townofpittsfield@myfairpoint.net Pittsfield PO Box 556 Pittsfield VT 05762 City 802-483-6612 CLERKTREASURER@PITTSFORDVERMONT.COM Pittsford PO Box 10 Pittsford VT 05763 City 802-454-8467 plainfieldtc@gmail.com Plainfield PO Box 217 Plainfield VT 05667 City 802-672-5466 clerk@plymouthvt.org Plymouth 68 Town Office Road Plymouth VT 05056-9441 City 802-457-8180 clerk@pomfretvt.us Pomfret 5218 Pomfret Road South Pomfret VT 05067 City 802-287-5110 POULTNEYTOWNCLERK@COMCAST.NET Poultney 9 Main Street, Suite 2 Poultney VT 05764-1128 City 802-823-0116 kjb359@comcast.net Pownal PO Box 411 Pownal VT 05261 City 802-459-2356 proctor_tc@comcast.net Proctor 45 Main Street Proctor VT 05765-1178 City 802-387-4708 putneytc@putneyvt.org Putney PO Box 233 Putney VT 05346 City 802-728-5818 joyce@randolphvt.org Randolph Drawer B Randolph VT 05060-0017 City 802-484-0015 readingtreasurer@comcast.net Reading PO Box 72 Reading VT 05062 City 802-423-5423 clerk@readsborovt.org Readsboro PO Box 187 Readsboro VT 05350 City 802-848-7752 TOWNCLERK@RICHFORDVT.ORG Richford PO Box 236 Richford VT 05476 City 802-329-2011 lmparent@gmavt.net Richmond PO Box 285 Richmond VT 05477 City 802-388-0012 TOWNCLERK@RIPTONVT.ORG Ripton PO Box 10 Ripton VT 05766 City 802-767-6028 rochestertown@comcast.net Rochester PO Box 238 Rochester VT 05767 City 802-463-1228 daldrich@rockbf.org Rockingham PO Box 339 Bellows Falls VT 05101 City 802-485-9160 townrox@tds.net Roxbury PO Box 53 Roxbury VT 05669 City 802-763-7207 royalclerk@bluemoo.net Royalton PO Box 680 South Royalton VT 05068 City 802-394-2524 rupert187@myfairpoint.net Rupert PO Box 140 West Rupert VT 05776 City 802-773-1846 henryh@rutlandcity.com Rutland City PO Box 969 Rutland VT 05702 City 802-773-7295 MKH@RUTLANDTOWN.COM Rutland Town PO Box 225 Center Rutland VT 05736 City 802-584-3880 ryegateclerk@yahoo.com Ryegate PO Box 332 Ryegate VT 05042 City 802-352-9832 town.clerk@comcast.net Salisbury PO Box 66 Salisbury VT 05769 City 802-375-8350 sandgateclerk@live.com Sandgate 3266 Sandgate Road Sandgate VT 05250-9537 City 802-464-8081 JOSIEKIL2@YAHOO.COM Searsburg PO Box 157 Wilmington VT 05363 City 802-442-0955 shaftsburyclerk@comcast.net Shaftsbury PO Box 409 Shaftsbury VT 05262 City 802-763-7392 CLERK@SHARONVT.NET Sharon PO Box 250 Sharon VT 05065 City 802-626-0424 townclerk@sheffieldvt.org Sheffield PO Box 165 Sheffield VT 05866 City 802-985-9550 chaag@shelburnevt.org Shelburne PO Box 88 Shelburne VT 05482 City 802-933-4951 TC@SHELDONVT.COM Sheldon PO Box 66 Sheldon VT 05483 City 802-897-2545 shorehamtown@shoreham.net Shoreham 297 Main Street Shoreham VT 05770-9759 City 802-492-3511 SHREWSBURYCLERK@VERMONTEL.NET Shrewsbury 9823 Cold River Road Shrewsbury VT 05738-9319 City dkinville@sburl.com South Burlington 575 Dorset Street South Burlington VT 05403-6271 City 802-372-3809 southherotc@aol.com South Hero PO Box 175 South Hero VT 05486 City 802-885-1617 TOSCLERK@VERMONTEL.NET Springfield 96 Main Street Springfield VT 05156-3510 City 802-524-1505 S.KRUPP@STALBANSVT.COM St. Albans City PO Box 867 St. Albans VT 05478 City 802-524-9609 stalbtwn@comcast.net St. Albans Town PO Box 37 St. Albans Bay VT 05481 City 802-482-5548 stgeorgevtclerk@comcast.net St. George 1 Barber Road St. George VT 05495-8063 City 802-748-1267 sgrenier@town.st-johnsbury.vt.us St. Johnsbury 1187 Main Street, Suite 2 St. Johnsbury VT 05819-2369 City 802-694-1636 stamfordvt@live.com Stamford 986 Main Road Stamford VT 05352-9740 City 802-533-2577 townofstannard@vtlink.net Stannard PO Box 94 Greensboro Bend VT 05842 City 802-453-7293 starksboro@madriver.com Starksboro PO Box 91 Starksboro VT 05487 City 802-746-8400 TOWNOFSTOCKBRIDGE@MYFAIRPOINT.NET Stockbridge PO Box 39 Stockbridge VT 05772 City 802-253-6143 akaiser@townofstowevermont.org Stowe PO Box 248 Stowe VT 05672 City 802-765-9621 TOWNCLERK@STRAFFORDVT.ORG Strafford PO Box 27 Strafford VT 05072 City 802-896-6630 townclerk@townofstrattonvt.com Stratton 9 West Jamaica Road Stratton VT 05360-9714 City 802-623-7296 bati@vtisp.com Sudbury 36 Blacksmith Lane Sundbury VT 05733-9564 City 802-375-6106 sunderlandvt@comcast.net Sunderland PO Box 295 East Arlington VT 05252 City 802-467-1052 suttontownclerk@yahoo.com Sutton 167 UNDERPASS ROAD Sutton VT 05867 City 802-868-4957 townclerk@swantonvermont.org Swanton PO Box 711 Swanton VT 05488 City 802-785-2031 townclerk@thetfordvermont.us Thetford PO Box 126, Thetford Center VT 05075 City 802-446-2498 TINMOUTHTOWN@VERMONTEL.NET Tinmouth 515 North End Road TInmouth VT 05773-1169 City 802-439-5505 topsham@tops-tele.com Topsham PO Box 69 Topsham VT 05076 City 802-365-7309 tnclk@svcable.net Townshend PO Box 223 Townshend VT 05353 City 802-988-4692 townoftroy@comcast.net Troy 142 Main Street North Troy VT 05859 City 802-889-3744 townclerk@tunbridge.biz Tunbridge PO Box 6 Tunbridge VT 05077 City 802-889-2137 smorin@underhillvt.gov Underhill PO Box 32 Underhill Center VT 05490 City 802-877-1160 clerk@vergennes.org Vergennes PO Box 35 Vergennes VT 05491 City 802-254-3561 clerk@vernonvt.org Vernon 567 Governor Hunt Road Vernon VT 05354-9484 City 802-685-2224 CLERK-TREASURER@VERSHIREVT.ORG Vershire 6894 VT Route 113 Vershire VT 05079-9604 City townofvictory@wildblue.net Victory PO Box 609 North Concord VT 05858 City 802-496-9284 waitsfld@madriver.com Waitsfield 9 Bridge Street Waitsfield VT 05673-6035 City 802-563-3008 waldentc@pivot.net Walden 12 VT RTE 215 West Danville VT 05873-9859 City 802-446-3174 townclerk@wallingfordvt.com Wallingford 75 SCHOOL STREET Wallingford VT 05773 City 802-877-3641 waltham@gmwireless.net Waltham PO Box 175 Vergennes VT 05491 City 802-896-1000 townclerk@wallingfordvt.com Wardsboro PO Box 48 Wardsboro VT 05355 City 802-496-2418 clerk@warrenvt.org Warren PO Box 337 Warren VT 05674 City 802-883-2218 WASHINGTONTOWNCLERK@GMAIL.COM Washington 2895 VT RTE 110 Washington VT 05675-4404 City 802-244-1014 clawrence@waterburyvt.com Waterbury 51 South Main Street Waterbury VT 05676-1577 City 802-748-8196 TOWNOFWATERFORD@GMAIL.COM Waterford PO Box 56 Lower Waterford VT 05848 City 802-644-8865 TOWNOFWATERVILLE@MYFAIRPOINT.NET Waterville PO Box 31 Waterville VT 05492 City 802-674-2117 tclerk@weathersfield.org Weathersfield PO Box 550 Ascutney VT 05030 City 802-645-0464 WELLSTOWNCLERK@COMCAST.NET Wells PO Box 585 Wells VT 05774 City 802-333-9611 westfairleetc@hotmail.com West Fairlee 870 VT Route 113 West Fairlee VT 05083 City 802-265-3828 TOWNOFWESTHAVEN@MYFAIRPOINT.NET West Haven 2919 Main Road West Haven VT 05743-9815 City 802-438-5133 crwener@westrutlandtown.com West Rutland 35 Marble Street West Rutland VT 05777-9387 City 802-484-3518 west.windsor.townclerk@valley.net West Windsor PO Box 6 Brownsville VT 05037 City 802-744-6224 TOWNOFWESTFIELD@COMCAST.NET Westfield 38 School Street Westfield VT 05874-9605 City 802-879-6503 townclerk@westfordvt.us Westford 1713 Vt. Route 128 Westford VT 05494-9620 City 802-722-9816 DWOODWARD@WESTMINSTERVT.ORG Westminster PO Box 147 Westminster VT 05158 City 802-525-1131 clerk@westmoreonline.org Westmore 54 Hinton Hill Road Orleans VT 05860-9397 City 802-824-4121 clerk@westonvt.org Weston PO Box 98 Weston VT 05161 City 802-545-2624 clerk@townofweybridge.org Weybridge 1727 Quaker Village Road Weybridge VT 05753-9647 City 802-626-9094 WHEELOCKTC@YAHOO.COM Wheelock PO Box 1328 Lyndonville VT 05851 City 802-623-7813 townofwhiting@shoreham.net Whiting 29 South Main Street Whiting VT 05778-4019 City 802-368-7519 WHITINGHAMTOWNCLERK@YAHOO.COM Whitingham PO Box 529 Jacksonville VT 05342-9789 City 802-433-2160 clerk@williamstownvt.org Williamstown PO Box 646 Williamstown VT 05679 City 802-764-1140 beckettd@willistontown.com Williston 7900 Williston Road Williston VT 05495 City wilmclrk@sover.net Wilmington PO Box 217 Wilmington VT 05363 City 802-874-4144 WINDHAM.TOWN@GMAIL.COM Windham 5976 WIndham Hill Road Windham VT 05359 City 802-674-1017 smicka@windsor-vt.gov Windsor PO Box 47 Windsor VT 05089 City 802-297-2582 winclerk@comcast.net Winhall Box 389 Bondville VT 05340 City 802-655-6414 CJBARRETT@WINOOSKIVT.ORG Winooski 27 West Allen Street Winooski VT 05404-2199 City 802-888-2669 wolcott@pshift.com Wolcott PO Box 100 Wolcott VT 05680 City 802-456-8834 towoodbury@comcast.net Woodbury PO Box 10 Woodbury VT 05681 City 802-442-4816 woodfordvt@comcast.net Woodford 1391 VT RTE 9 Woodford VT 05201-9410 City 802-457-2329 jay@townofwoodstock.org Woodstock 31 The Green Woodstock VT 05091-1260 City 802-229-5216 worcestertclerk@comcast.net Worcester Drawer 161 Worcester VT 05682-1030 The Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) registers you to vote and requests absentee ballots for Federal, State or local office in a general, primary or special election in the calendar year in which it is submitted. Select the category that describes you. To vote in Presidential primary elections, enter your preference for which political party ballot you would like to vote. If you want to change your political party affiliation, submit a completed FPCA indicating your new party preference to the local election official. Political party affiliation is not required if only requesting absentee ballots for State primary and general elections. Name (Last, First, Middle). Date of birth.<br/><br/>Your valid Vermont Driver's License or State ID Card number OR the last four digits of your Social Security Number is required for voter registration. If you do not possess any of these identification numbers, the State shall assign a number that will serve to identify you for voter registration purposes. Recommended but not required. Provide your contact information to allow your local election official to follow up if more information is required. Vermont allows you to receive your absentee ballot by mail, email or fax. Please rank your preference of how you would like to receive your absentee ballot. Provide your email address or fax number in Block 5. If you do not make a selection, then your local election official will mail your ballot to you. Complete street address of your Vermont voting residence. A post office box is not sufficient. If your address includes a rural route, describe its location in Block 9. This address must be within the town or city where you claim legal voting residence. Complete address where you want your ballot sent, usually where you live now. If you have never registered before in Vermont, you must take a self-administered oath or it may be administered by anyone over the age of 18. The Vermont voter's oath is: *"You solemnly swear (or affirm) that whenever you give your vote or suffrage, touching any matter that concerns the State of Vermont, you will do it so as in your conscience you shall judge will most conduce to the best good of the same, as established by the Constitution, without fear or favor of any person."* You, or the person who administered the oath to you, must write ONE of the following and sign (as applicable): * *"On the ***(enter day)*** day of ***(enter month)***, ***(enter year)***, I swore or affirmed the Vermont voter's oath" OR* * *"I administered the oath to the voter"* Provide any information that may assist the local election official in accepting this application. Sign and date. No witness or notary required. Vermont allows you to submit the FPCA by mail, email or fax. If you choose to mail your FPCA, mail the form directly to your city or town elections department. Addresses can be found at the end of this section. If you choose to email your FPCA, you should send the form as a signed, scanned attachment. Email directly to your local election office. Email addresses can be found at the end of the section and at [http://vermont-elections.org/] (http://vermont-elections.org/). You must also submit the FPCA by mail. If you choose to fax your FPCA, fax the form directly to your local election official. Fax numbers can be found at the end of the section and at [http://vermont-elections.org/soshome.htm] (http://vermont-elections.org/soshome.htm). You may also use the DoD Electronic Transmission Service to fax your FPCA toll-free. To use the Electronic Transmission Service, use the cover sheet available in Chapter 1 or at [FVAP.gov] (http://www.fvap.gov), and fax to: (703) 693-5527, DSN 223-5527, or toll-free from the U.S., Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands to 1-800-368-8683. International toll-free numbers can be found on the inside back cover or at [FVAP.gov] (http://www.fvap.gov). To find out the status of your registration/absentee ballot request, contact your local election office. Contact information can be found at [http://vermont-elections.org/soshome.htm] (http://vermont-elections.org/soshome.htm). Your local election official will contact you if your application is denied. A member of your family or any other authorized person may request a ballot be sent to you from the local election official on your behalf by 5 pm ET on the day before the election. You may request a ballot by calling your local election official. Phone numbers can be found at [www.vermont-elections.org] (http://www.vermont-elections.org) or at the end of this section. Vermont allows you to use the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB) for voting in primary, special, runoff and general elections for Federal, State and local offices and non-candidate ballot issues. If you are registered and have requested your absentee ballot, feel free to use the FWAB to vote any time before an election. Vermont does not allow you to use this form for registration. Do not check the registration box. Select the category that describes you. Name (Last, First, Middle). Date of birth.<br/><br/>Enter your valid Vermont Driver's License number or the last four digits of your Social Security number. Recommended but not required. Provide your contact information to allow your local election official to follow up if more information is required. Enter your political party affiliation for voting in Presidential primary elections or write "none" if you wish to only vote in State primary and general elections. Complete street address of your Vermont voting residence. A post office box is not sufficient. If your address includes a rural route, describe its location in Block 9. This address must be within the town or city where you claim legal voting residence. Enter your current mailing address. Provide any information that may assist the local election official in accepting this ballot or application. Sign and date. No witness or notary required. Vote for any Federal, State or local office in a general, primary or special election. To find out the races and candidates for which you can vote, go to [www.vermont-elections.org] (http://www.vermont-elections.org). For each office for which you vote, write in either a candidate's name or a political party designation. Once the ballot is complete, fold and place it in the security envelope and seal. Place only the voted ballot in the security envelope and do not write on the security envelope. Vermont requires you to submit the FWAB by mail. The deadlines for submitting the FWAB are the same as for State absentee ballots. If you receive the State ballot after submitting the voted FWAB, you may also vote and return the State ballot. If both ballots are received by the deadline, only the State ballot will be counted. Insert the sealed security envelope and the Voter's Declaration/Affirmation into the mailing envelope and mail your FWAB directly to your local election official. > ***Voted ballots must be received by the local election office by close of polls on Election Day.*** No witness or notary is required on voted ballots. However, your signature must be on the inside envelope certificate. Voted ballots must be returned by mail. Overseas Uniformed Service members should request to have the Prepaid Mail Label 11-DOD applied to their ballot materials at Military Postal Office locations (APO/FPO). This label provides free express mail service to your local election official for voted ballots mailed on or before the general election date. You retain a portion of the label for tracking your ballot through the U.S. Postal Service. You may track the status of your ballot by using the link and password provided when your ballot is emailed to you. This feature is only available if you selected to have your ballot emailed. You may also contact your local election office to determine the status of your ballot. Contact information can be found at the end of this section or at [http://vermont-elections.org/soshome.htm] (http://vermont-elections.org/soshome.htm).