How can I register to vote as a military or overseas voter? Fill out and return the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) to your county election officer. This form allows you to register to vote and identifies you as a voter covered by *UOCAVA* (Federal law providing special protections). What is my voting residence? The place you consider your true, fixed and permanent home. Do I need to claim a political party to vote in primary elections? Yes. How can I submit my FPCA? By mail, common or contract carrier, email (scanned, signed image) or fax to the county election officer (who may be the clerk, elections administrator or tax assessor collector) of the county where your voting residence is located. County email addresses are at []( and [] ( How often must I submit my FPCA? You should submit a new FPCA on January 1st for every calendar year and any time your address or contact information changes. If I am currently registered to vote, how may I request an absentee ballot? Submit an FPCA to your local election officer. You may also use the regular State application for ballot by mail, but the FPCA is recommended. The FPCA includes options for requesting a ballot by email for general, special, primary or runoff elections for Federal office OR any special State legislative vacancy election or any local election held jointly with Federal election. How can I return my voted ballot or Federal Write-In Ballot (FWAB)? By mail, common or contract carrier, or by fax through FVAP's Electronic Transmission Service (ETS) (however, fax and ETS can only be used if you are an active duty Uniformed Services member or eligible family member and you are casting the ballot from an area where you are eligible to receive hostile fire pay or imminent danger pay, or that has been designated a combat zone by the President). What must I do to use the FWAB and can I use the FWAB to vote in State and local elections? If you have already submitted an FPCA you may use the FWAB to vote in Federal elections; you may use the FWAB to vote in Federal, State and local elections only when they are held jointly with a Federal election or an election for a State Legislative vacancy. I am an American citizen, but I have never lived in the U.S., can I register to vote in this State? No. Will I need a notary or witness for my FPCA or FWAB? No. Where can I find information about the candidates and/or other items that will be on my ballot? See [] ( for links to county websites; county websites often have local sample ballots.