How can I register to vote as a military or overseas voter? Fill out and return the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) to your local election office. This form allows you to register to vote and identifies you as a voter covered by *UOCAVA* (Federal law providing special protections). What is my voting residence? The place you consider your true, fixed and permanent home. Do I need to claim a political party to vote in primary elections? Yes. If you do not select a party, you can still vote in general elections, but not in primary elections. How can I submit my FPCA? You may mail, email or fax the FPCA directly to your local election office. Addresses can be found at the end of this section. How often must I submit my FPCA? Each year. If I am currently registered to vote, how may I request an absentee ballot? You may submit a signed FPCA (or equivalent letter) by mail, email (as an attachment) or fax to your town or city clerk. How can I return my voted ballot or Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB)? You must return your voted ballot or FWAB by mail. What must I do to use the FWAB and can I use the FWAB to vote in State and local elections? If you have registered to vote and requested your absentee ballot, you may use the FWAB at any time before an election. The FWAB may only be used to vote in Federal elections. I am an American citizen, but I have never lived in the U.S., can I register to vote in this State? Yes. Will I need a notary or witness for my FPCA or FWAB? No. Where can I find information about the candidates and/or other items that will be on my ballot? Please visit [] ( City 603-752-1654 Berlin, City of 168 Main Street Berlin NH 03570 City 603-542-7014 Claremont, City of 58 Opera House Square Claremont NH 03743 City 603-225-8592 Concord, City of 41 Green Street Concord NH 03301 City 603-516-6666 Dover, City of 288 Central Avenue Dover NH 03820 City 603-934-7413 Franklin, City of 316 Central Street Franklin NH 03235 City 603-357-9884 Keene, City of 3 Washington Street Keene NH 03431 City 603-524-1766 Laconia, City of PO Box 489 Laconia NH 03247 City 603-442-6148 Lebanon, City of 51 North Park Street Lebanon NH 03766 City 603-624-6481 Manchester, City of 1 City Hall Plaza Manchester NH 03101 City 603-589-3029 Nashua, City of 229 Main Street Nashua NH 03060 City 603-427-1579 Portsmouth, City of 1 Junkins Avenue Portsmouth NH 03801 City 603-509-1915 Rochester, City of 31 Wakefield Street Rochester NH 03867 City 603-692-9574 Somersworth, City of One Government Way Somersworth NH 03878 Town 603-835-7901 Acworth, Town of PO Box 37 Acworth NH 03601 Town 603-452-5633 Albany, Town of 1972 NH Route 16 Albany NH 03818 Town 603-744-8577 Alexandria, Town of 47 Washburn Road Alexandria NH 03222 Town 603-485-8669 Allenstown, Town of 16 School Street Allenstown NH 03275 Town 603-835-2178 Alstead, Town of PO Box 65 Alstead NH 03602 Town 603-875-2171 Alton, Town of PO Box 637 Alton NH 03809 Town 603-673-4138 Amherst, Town of PO Box 960 Amherst NH 03031 Town 603-735-6975 Andover, Town of PO Box 61 Andover NH 03216 Town 603-588-2969 Antrim, Town of 66 Main Street Antrim NH 03440 Town 603-968-3776 Ashland, Town of PO Box 517 Ashland NH 03217 Town 603-362-5305 Atkinson, Town of 21 Academy Ave. Atkinson NH 03811 Town 603-483-0518 Auburn, Town of PO Box 309 Auburn NH 03032 Town 603-269-4072 Barnstead, Town of PO Box 11 Barnstead NH 03225 Town 603-664-0177 Barrington, Town of PO Box 660 Barrington NH 03825 Town 603-356-2300 Bartlett, Town of 56 Town Hall Road Intervale NH 03845 Town 603-747-0497 Bath, Town of PO Box 88 Bath NH 03740 Town 603-472-4573 Bedford, Town of 24 North Amherst Rd. Bedford NH 03110 Town 603-267-8305 Belmont, Town of PO Box 310 Belmont Belmont NH 03220 Town 603-588-8005 Bennington, Town of 7 School Street Bennington NH 03444 Town Benton, Town of 110 Flanders Road Benton NH 03785 Town 603-869-5500 Bethlehem, Town of PO Box 185 Bethlehem NH 03574 Town 603-753-9184 Boscawen, Town of 116 N. Main Street Boscawen NH 03303 Town 603-225-5428 Bow, Town of 10 Grandview Road Bow NH 03304 Town 603-938-5694 Bradford, Town of PO Box 607 Bradford NH 03221 Town 603-642-6310 Brentwood, Town of 1 Dalton Road Brentwood NH 03833 Town 603-968-3506 Bridgewater, Town of PO Box 419 Plymouth NH 03222 Town 603-744-2521 Bristol, Town of 230 Lake Street Bristol NH 03222 Town 603-522-6245 Brookfield, Town of 267 Wentworth Rd Brookfield NH 03872 Town 603-673-8136 Brookline, Town of PO Box 336 Brookline NH 03033 Town 603-726-9817 Campton, Town of 10 Gearty Way Campton NH 03223 Town 603-523-4526 Canaan, Town of PO Box 38 Canaan NH 03741 Town 603-483-0252 Candia, Town of 74 High Street Candia NH 03034 Town 603-783-0501 Canterbury, Town of 10 Hackleboro Rd. Canterbury NH 03224 Town 603-846-5713 Carroll, Town of PO Box 88 Twin Mountain NH 03595 Town 603-253-8420 Center Harbor, Town of PO Box 140 Center Harbor NH 03226 Town 603-826-5181 Charlestown, Town of 26 Railroad St. Charlestown NH 03603 Town 603-694-2043 Chatham, Town of 1681 Main Road Chatham NH 03813 Town 603-887-4334 Chester, Town of 84 Chester Street Chester NH 03036 Town 603-363-8047 Chesterfield, Town of PO Box 64 Chesterfield NH 03443 Town 603-798-3170 Chichester, Town of 54 Main Street Chichester NH 03258 Town 603-246-3480 Clarksville, Town of 408 NH Rt. 145 Clarksville NH 03592 Town 603-237-5069 Colebrook, Town of 17 Bridge Street Colebrook NH 03576 Town 603-237-8270 Columbia, Town of PO Box 157 Colebrook NH 03576 Town 603-447-1348 Conway, Town of 1634 East Main Street Center Conway NH 03813 Town 603-675-5605 Cornish, Town of PO Box 183 Cornish Flat NH 03746 Town 603-863-2601 Croydon, Town of 879 NH RTE 10 Croydon NH 03773 Town 603-873-9642 Dalton, Town of 756 Dalton Rd. Dalton NH 03598 Town 603-768-5448 Danbury, Town of 23 High Street Danbury NH 03230 Town 603-382-3363 Danville, Town of 210 Main Street Danville NH 03819 Town 603-463-2820 Deerfield, Town of PO Box 159 Deerfield NH 03037 Town 603-464-3804 Deering, Town of 762 Deering Center Road Deering NH 03244 Town 603-432-8176 Derry, Town of 14 Manning Street Derry NH 03038-3201 Town 603-255-4221 Dixville, Town of 580 Route 117 Sugar Hill NH 03586 Town 603-786-9476 Dorchester, Town of 1086 N Dorchester Rd Dorchester NH 03266 Town 603-563-9221 Dublin, Town of PO Box 62 Dublin NH 03444 Town 603-449-2930 Dummer, Town of 75 Hill Road Dummer NH 03588 Town 603-774-5541 Dunbarton, Town of 1011 School Street Dunbarton NH 03046 Town 603-868-8033 Durham, Town of 15 Newmarket Road Durham NH 03824 Town 603-642-8794 East Kingston, Town of PO Box 249 East Kingston NH 03827 Town 603-823-7780 Easton, Town of 1060 Easton Valley Road Easton NH 03580 Town 603-447-2560 Eaton, Town of PO Box 118 Eaton Center NH 03832 Town 603-539-7637 Effingham, Town of 68 School Street Effingham NH 03882 Town 603-726-8994 Ellsworth, Town of 12 Ellsworth Pond Road Ellsworth NH 03223 Town 603-632-5182 Enfield, Town of PO Box 373 Enfield NH 03748 Town 603-679-3002 Epping, Town of 157 Main Street Epping NH 03042 Town 603-736-8539 Epsom, Town of PO Box 10 Epsom NH 03234 Town Errol, Town of 33 Main Street Errol NH 03579 Town 603-418-6424 Exeter, Town of 10 Front Street Exeter NH 03833 Town 603-155-9128 Farmington, Town of 356 Main Street Farmington NH 03835 Town 603-585-7744 Fitzwilliam, Town of PO Box 725 Fitzwilliam NH 03447 Town 603-547-2622 Francestown, Town of PO Box 67 Francestown NH 03043 Town 603-823-5581 Franconia, Town of PO Box 900 Franconia NH 03580 Town 603-539-8270 Freedom, Town of PO Box 457 Freedom NH 03836 Town 603-895-3149 Fremont, Town of PO Box 120 Fremont NH 03044 Town 603-527-4719 Gilford, Town of 47 Cherry Valley Road Gilford NH 03249 Town 603-267-6701 Gilmanton, Town of PO Box 550 Gilmanton NH 03237 Town 603-352-0845 Gilsum, Town of PO Box 36 Gilsum NH 03448 Town 603-497-5710 Goffstown, Town of 16 Main Street Goffstown NH 03045 Town 603-466-2744 Gorham, Town of 20 Park Street Gorham NH 03581 Town 603-863-6139 Goshen, Town of PO Box 58 Goshen NH 03752 Town 603-523-4986 Grafton, Town of PO Box 277 Grafton NH 03240 Town 603-863-4499 Grantham, Town of PO Box 135 Grantham NH 03753 Town 603-547-3004 Greenfield, Town of PO Box 256 Greenfield NH 03047 Town 603-430-3761 Greenland, Town of PO Box 100 Greenland NH 03840 Town 603-878-4951 Greenville, Town of PO Box 354 Greenville NH 03048 Town 603-744-3382 Groton, Town of 754 North Groton Road Groton NH 03241 Town 603-329-7174 Hampstead, Town of PO Box 298 Hampstead NH 03841 Town 603-926-1848 Hampton Falls, Town of 1 Drinkwater Road Town Hall Hampton Falls NH 03844 Town 603-929-5917 Hampton, Town of 100 Winnacunnet Road Hampton NH 03842 Town 603-525-4427 Hancock, Town of PO Box 6 Hancock NH 03449 Town 603-643-1720 Hanover, Town of PO Box 483 Hanover NH 03755 Town 603-827-2917 Harrisville, Town of PO Box 284 Harrisville NH 03450 Town Harts Location, Town of PO Box 540 Hart's Location NH 03812 Town 603-787-2226 Haverhill, Town of 2975 Dartmouth College Hwy N Haverhill NH 03774 Town 603-744-9994 Hebron, Town of PO Box 55 Hebron NH 03241 Town 603-428-4366 Henniker, Town of 18 Depot Hill Road Henniker NH 03242 Town 603-934-2011 Hill, Town of PO Box 251 Hill NH 03243 Town 603-464-4270 Hillsborough, Town of PO Box 1699 Hillsborough NH 03244 Town 603-336-5711 Hinsdale, Town of PO Box 31 Hinsdale NH 03451 Town 603-968-9954 Holderness, Town of PO Box 203 Holderness NH 03245 Town 603-465-2964 Hollis, Town of 7 Monument Square Hollis NH 03049 Town 603-485-4423 Hooksett, Town of 35 Main Hooksett Ward 05 NH 03106 Town 603-746-4011 Hopkinton, Town of PO Box 446 Contoocook NH 03229 Town 603-598-6481 Hudson, Town of 12 School Street Hudson NH 03051 Town Jackson, Town of PO Box 336 Jackson NH 03846 Town 603-532-7862 Jaffrey, Town of 10 Goodnow Street Jaffrey NH 03452 Town 603-586-4553 Jefferson, Town of 698 Presidential Highway Jefferson NH 03583 Town 603-772-6841 Kensington, Town of 95 Amesbury Road Kensington NH 03833 Town 603-642-3204 Kingston, Town of PO Box 657 Kingston NH 03848 Town 603-788-2114 Lancaster, Town of 25 Main Street Lancaster NH 03584 Town 603-838-5225 Landaff, Town of 709 Jockey Hill Road Landaff NH 03585 Town 603-835-6055 Langdon, Town of 122 NH Route 12A Langdon NH 03602 Town 603-659-7202 Lee, Town of 7 Mast Road Lee NH 03824 Town 603-863-8105 Lempster, Town of PO Box 33 Lempster NH 03605 Town 603-745-6743 Lincoln, Town of PO Box 39 Lincoln NH 03251 Town 603-838-6790 Lisbon, Town of PO Box 222 Lisbon NH 03585 Town 603-424-8154 Litchfield, Town of 2 Liberty Way Litchfield NH 03052 Town 603-444-0735 Littleton, Town of 125 Main Street Littleton NH 03561 Town 603-421-9617 Londonderry, Town of 268 B Mammoth Road Londonderry NH 03053 Town 603-798-3539 Loudon, Town of PO Box 7837 Loudon NH 03307 Town 603-838-6818 Lyman, Town of 65 Parker Hill Road Lyman NH 03585 Town 603-795-2117 Lyme, Town of PO Box 342 Lyme NH 03768 Town 603-654-5777 Lyndeborough, Town of 9 Citizens Hall Rd Lyndeborough NH 03082 Town 603-742-2505 Madbury, Town of 13 Town Hall Road Madbury NH 03823 Town 603-367-4765 Madison, Town of PO Box 248 Madison NH 03849 Town 603-876-4703 Marlborough, Town of PO Box 487 Marlborough NH 03455 Town 603-446-8306 Marlow, Town of 167 NH RT 123 Marlow NH 03456 Town 603-878-4892 Mason, Town of 16 Darling Hill Road Mason NH 03048 Town 603-677-1090 Meredith, Town of 41 Main Street Meredith NH 03253 Town 603-423-8539 Merrimack, Town of 6 Baboosic Lake Road Merrimack NH 03054 Town 603-473-2450 Middleton, Town of 182 Kings Highway Middleton NH 03887 Town 603-449-2624 Milan, Town of PO Box 158 Milan NH 03588 Town 603-673-2273 Milford, Town of 1 Union Square Milford NH 03055 Town Millsfield, Town of 468 US Route 26 Errol NH 03579 Town 603-652-4120 Milton, Town of PO Box 180 Milton NH 03851 Town 603-638-2021 Monroe, Town of PO Box 63 Monroe NH 03771 Town 603-673-0914 Mont Vernon, Town of PO Box 417 Mont Vernon NH 03057 Town 603-476-2778 Moultonborough, Town of PO Box 15 Moultonborough NH 03254 Town 603-847-3197 Nelson, Town of 7 Nelson Common Road Nelson NH 03457 Town 603-487-2975 New Boston, Town of PO Box 250 New Boston NH 03070 Town 603-433-6198 New Castle, Town of PO Box 367 New Castle NH 03854 Town 603-859-6644 New Durham, Town of PO Box 207 New Durham NH 03855 Town 603-744-0671 New Hampton, Town of PO Box 538 New Hampton NH 03256 Town 603-878-3855 New Ipswich, Town of 661 Turnpike Road New Ipswich NH 03071 Town 603-526-9494 New London, Town of 375 Main Street New London NH 03257 Town 603-763-5298 Newbury, Town of PO Box 253 Newbury NH 03255 Town 603-772-9004 Newfields, Town of 65 Main Street Newfields NH 03856 Town 603-436-7188 Newington, Town of 205 Nimble Hill Road Newington NH 03801 Town 603-659-3441 Newmarket, Town of 186 Main Street Newmarket NH 03857 Town 603-863-8008 Newport, Town of 15 Sunapee Street Newport NH 03773 Town 603-382-2596 Newton, Town of PO Box 375 Newton NH 03858 Town 603-964-2906 North Hampton, Town of 237 Atlantic Avenue North Hampton NH 03862 Town 603-286-3328 Northfield, Town of 21 Summer Street Northfield NH 03276 Town 603-636-6098 Northumberland, Town of 10 Station Square Grovetown NH 03582 Town 603-942-9107 Northwood, Town of 818 First NH Turnpike Northwood NH 03261 Town 603-679-9598 Nottingham, Town of PO Box 114 Nottingham NH 03290 Town 603-523-7054 Orange, Town of PO Box 37 Canaan NH 03741 Town 603-353-4489 Orford, Town of 2529 Rourt 25A Orford NH 03777 Town 603-539-2856 Ossipee, Town of PO Box 67 Ossipee NH 03814 Town 603-508-3096 Pelham, Town of 6 Village Green Pelham NH 03076 Town 603-485-3967 Pembroke, Town of 311 Pembroke Street Pembroke NH 03275 Town 603-924-8001 Peterborough, Town of 1 Grove Street Peterborough NH 03458 Town 603-272-4947 Piermont, Town of PO Box 27 Piermont NH 03779 Town 603-538-6697 Pittsburg, Town of 1526 Main Street Pittsburg NH 03592 Town 603-435-7922 Pittsfield, Town of PO Box 98 Pittsfield NH 03263 Town 603-469-3642 Plainfield, Town of PO BOX 380 Meriden NH 03770 Town 603-382-0006 Plaistow, Town of 145 Main Street Plaistow NH 03865 Town 603-536-0036 Plymouth, Town of 6 Post Office Square Plymouth NH 03264 Town 603-466-9856 Randolph, Town of 130 Durand Road Randolph NH 03593 Town 603-895-0903 Raymond, Town of 4 Epping Street Raymond NH 03077 Town 603-239-6202 Richmond, Town of 105 Old Homestead Highway Richmond NH 03470 Town 603-899-2108 Rindge, Town of 30 Payson Hill Rd Rindge NH 03461 Town 603-740-0254 Rollinsford, Town of PO Box 309 Rollinsford NH 03869 Town 603-352-4903 Roxbury, Town of 3 Middletown Rd. Roxbury NH 03431 Town 603-786-2237 Rumney, Town of PO Box 275 Rumney NH 03266 Town 603-964-4132 Rye, Town of 10 Central Road Rye NH 03870 Town 603-685-6402 Salem, Town of 33 Geremonty Drive Salem NH 03079 Town 603-648-6658 Salisbury, Town of PO Box 2 Salisbury NH 03268 Town 603-286-9544 Sanbornton, Town of PO Box 124 Sanbornton NH 03269 Town 603-887-8977 Sandown, Town of PO Box 583 Sandown NH 03873 Town 603-284-6819 Sandwich, Town of PO Box 194 Sandwich NH 03227 Town 603-474-8007 Seabrook, Town of 99 Lafayette Road Seabrook NH 03874 Town 603-924-7553 Sharon, Town of 432 NH Route 123 Sharon NH 03458 Town 603-466-5271 Shelburne, Town of 74 Village Road Shelburne NH 03581 Town 603-394-2134 South Hampton, Town of 190 Hilldale Avenue South Hampton NH 03827 Town 603-763-3336 Springfield, Town of PO Box 22 Springfield NH 03284 Town 603-636-6199 Stark, Town of 1189 Stark Highway Stark NH 03582 Town 603-246-3329 Stewartstown, Town of 888 Washington West Stewartstown NH 03597 Town 603-446-2214 Stoddard, Town of 875 Shedd Hill Rd. Stoddard NH 03464 Town 603-664-7276 Strafford, Town of PO Box 169 Strafford NH 03884 Town 603-922-3317 Stratford, Town of 10 Town Common Rd. Stratford NH 03590 Town 603-775-0517 Stratham, Town of 10 Bunker Hill Avenue Stratham NH 03885 Town 603-823-8446 Sugar Hill, Town of PO Box 574 Sugar Hill NH 03586 Town 603-847-9154 Sullivan, Town of PO Box 110 Sullivan NH 03445 Town 603-763-4608 Sunapee, Town of PO Box 303 Sunapee NH 03782 Town 603-357-4890 Surry, Town of 1 Village Road Surry NH 03431 Town 603-927-4646 Sutton, Town of PO Box 487 Sutton NH 03260 Town 603-352-6250 Swanzey, Town of PO Box 10009 Swanzey NH 03446 Town 603-323-2347 Tamworth, Town of 84 Main Street Tamworth NH 03886 Town Temple, Town of PO Box 69 Temple NH 03084 Town 603-726-2078 Thornton, Town of 16 Merrill Access Road Thornton NH 03285 Town 603-286-3519 Tilton, Town of 257 Main Street Tilton NH 03276 Town 603-242-3430 Troy, Town of PO Box 249 Troy NH 03465 Town 603-569-4328 Tuftonboro, Town of PO Box 98 Center Tuftonboro NH 03816 Town 603-542-9736 Unity, Town of 13 Center Road #1 Unity NH 03603 Town 603-522-6794 Wakefield, Town of 2 High Street Sanbornville NH 03872 Town 603-756-4153 Walpole, Town of PO Box 756 Walpole NH 03608 Town 603-456-3576 Warner, Town of PO Box 265 Warner NH 03278 Town 603-764-9296 Warren, Town of PO Box 40 Warren NH 03279 Town 603-496-3521 Washington, Town of 7 Half Moon Pond Road Washington NH 03280 Town 603-236-2056 Waterville Valley, Town of PO Box 500 Waterville Valley NH 03215 Town 603-529-7571 Weare, Town of 15 Flanders Memorial Rd. Weare NH 03281 Town 603-648-6055 Webster, Town of 945 Battle Street Webster NH 03303 Town 603-764-9362 Wentworth, Town of 266 Beech Hill Road Wentworth NH 03282 Town 603-399-7211 Westmoreland, Town of PO Box 111 Westmoreland NH 03467 Town 603-837-3148 Whitefield, Town of 7 Jefferson Road Whitefield NH 03598 Town 603-526-4067 Wilmot, Town of PO Box 94 Wilmot NH 03287 Town 603-654-6663 Wilton, Town of PO Box 83 Wilton NH 03086 Town 603-239-4146 Winchester, Town of PO Box 512 Winchester NH 03470 Town 603-425-6582 Windham, Town of PO Box 120 Windham NH 03087 Town 603-478-3293 Windsor, Town of 14 White Pond Road Windsor NH 03244 Town 603-569-5328 Wolfeboro, Town of PO Box 1207 Wolfeboro NH 03894 Town 603-745-2393 Woodstock, Town of Box 156 Woodstock NH 03262 Town 603-482-3804 Cambridge, Town of 33 PO Box 100 Errol NH 03579 Town 603-466-3100 Green's Grant, Town of 20 Park Street Gorham NH 03581 Town 603-466-3100 Pinkham, Town of 20 Park Street Gorham NH 03581 Town 603-237-5069 Wentworth's Location, Town of PO Box 100 Errol NH 03579 The Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) registers you to vote and requests absentee ballots for all regularly scheduled Federal elections for the calendar year in which it is submitted. Select the category that describes you. To vote in primary elections, you must enter your political party affiliation. If you want to change your political party affiliation prior to a State primary election, you must submit a completed FPCA indicating your new party preference to the local election official by the first Tuesday of June in that year. Political party affiliation is not required if only requesting absentee ballots for general elections. Name (Last, First, Middle) Your sex and race are not required.Your date of birth is required.<br/><br/>Your valid New Hampshire Driver's License number OR the last four digits of your Social Security number is required for voter registration. If you do not possess any of these identification numbers, the State will assign a number that will serve to identify you for voter registration purposes. Recommended but not required. Provide your contact information to allow your local election official to follow up if more information is required. New Hampshire allows you to receive your absentee ballot by mail, email, or fax. Please rank your preference of how you would like to receive your absentee ballot. Provide your email address or fax number in Block 5. If you do not make a selection, then your local election official will mail your ballot to you. Complete street address of your New Hampshire voting residence. A post office box is not sufficient. If your address includes a rural route, describe its location in Block 9. This address must be within the municipality where you claim legal voting residence. Complete address where you want your ballot sent, usually where you live now. In addition to mailing a regular ballot, New Hampshire provides a Special Write-In Absentee Ballot to any voter unable to vote in the regular absentee voting process due to the requirements of military service or living in remote areas outside the U.S. and Canada. This ballot is available for the State primary no later than July 15 and for the General Election no later than the date of the State primary. This ballot allows you to vote for Federal offices. To request it, write in Block 9: *"I am unable to vote by regular absentee ballot or in person due to requirements of military service or due to living in isolated areas outside the United States and Canada. I request a special write-in absentee ballot."* Provide any information that may assist the local election official in accepting this application. Sign and date. No witness or notary required. New Hampshire allows you to submit the FPCA by mail, email or fax. If you choose to mail your FPCA, mail the form directly to your local election office. Addresses can be found at the end of this section. If you choose to email your FPCA, you should send the form as a signed, scanned attachment. It is recommended that you also submit the FPCA by mail. Email directly to your local election office. Email addresses can be found at [] ( under "Voter Information Lookup." If you choose to fax your FPCA, it is recommended that you also submit the FPCA by mail. Fax the form directly to your local election official. Fax numbers can be found at [] ( under "Voter Information Lookup". You may also use the DoD Electronic Transmission Service to fax your FPCA toll-free. To use the Electronic Transmission Service, use the cover sheet available in Chapter 1 or at [] ( , and fax to: (703) 693-5527, DSN 223-5527, or toll-free from the U.S., Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands to 1-800-368-8683. International toll-free numbers can be found on the inside back cover or at [] ( To find out the status of your registration/absentee ballot request, click on [] ( or contact your local election office. Contact information can be found at [] ( under "Voter Information Lookup." Your jurisdiction will contact you if your registration is denied. A U.S. citizen who was born abroad and who is eligible to vote and who has never lived in the U.S. may register and vote in the town or city in New Hampshire where a parent or legal guardian would be eligible to register and vote. New Hampshire allows you to use the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB) for voting in primary, special, and general elections for Federal office. If you are registered and have requested your absentee ballot, feel free to use the FWAB to vote anytime before an election. New Hampshire does not allow you to use this form for registration. Do not check the registration box. Select the category that describes you. Name (Last, First, Middle). Your sex and race are not required.Your date of birth is required.<br/><br/>Enter your valid New Hampshire Driver's License number, the last four digits of your Social Security number OR your State voter registration number. Recommended but not required. Provide your contact information to allow your local election official to follow up if more information is required. To vote in primary elections, you must enter your political party affiliation. Complete street address of your New Hampshire voting residence. A post office box is not sufficient. If your address includes a rural route, describe its location in Block 9. This address must be within the town or city where you claim legal voting residence. Enter your current mailing address. Provide any information that may assist the local election official in accepting this ballot or application. Sign and date. No witness or notary required. Vote for any Federal office in a primary, special or general election. To find out the races and candidates for which you can vote, go to [] ( under "Elections." For each office for which you vote, write in either a candidate's name or a political party designation. Once the ballot is complete, you must fold and place it in the security envelope and seal for the ballot to be counted. Place only the voted ballot in the security envelope and do not write on the security envelope. The deadlines for submitting the FWAB are the same as for State absentee ballots. If you receive the State ballot after submitting the voted FWAB, you may also vote and return the State ballot. If both ballots are received by the deadline, only the State ballot will be counted. Insert the sealed security envelope and the Voter's Declaration/Affirmation into the mailing envelope and mail your FWAB directly to your local election official. If you do not send the signed Voter's Declaration/Affirmation, your ballot will not be counted. > ***Voted ballots must be received by the local election official by 5 pm on Election Day.*** No witness or notary is required on voted ballots. Voted ballots must be returned by mail. Overseas Uniformed Service members should request to have the Prepaid Mail Label 11-DOD applied to their ballot materials at Military Postal Office locations (APO/FPO). This label provides free express mail service to your local election official for voted ballots mailed on or before the general election date. You retain a portion of the label for tracking your ballot through the U.S. Postal Service. You may track the status of your ballot at [] ( 2014-09-09T00:00:00.000 State Primary 2014-11-04T05:00:00.000 2014-09-09T00:00:00.000 State Primary Registration 2014-11-04T00:00:00.000 General Election Registration 2014-09-08T00:00:00.000 State Primary Ballot Request 2014-11-03T00:00:00.000 General Election Ballot Request 2014-09-09T17:00:00.000 State Primary Ballot Return 2014-11-04T17:00:00.000 General Election Ballot Return