The Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) registers you to vote and requests absentee ballots for all Federal elections conducted during the calendar year it was submitted. Select the category that describes you. To vote in primary elections, you must enter your political party affiliation. If you want to change your party affiliation submit a completed FPCA indicating your new party preference to the local election official. You will not have rights in a party for three months from the date of filing your change of political party. Political party affiliation is not required if only requesting absentee ballots for general elections. Name (Last, First, Middle). Your sex and race are not required.Your date of birth is required.<br/><br/>Your valid Connecticut Driver's License number OR the last four digits of your Social Security number is required for voter registration. If you do not possess either of these identification numbers, the State will assign a number that will identify you for voter registration purposes. Recommended but not required. Provide your contact information to allow your city or town elections official to follow up if more information is required. Connecticut allows you to receive your ballot by mail, email or fax. Please rank your preference of how you would like to receive your absentee ballot. Provide your fax number or email address in Block 5. If you do not make a selection, then your local election official will mail your ballot to you. Complete street address of your Connecticut voting residence. A post office box is not sufficient. If your address includes a rural route, describe its location in Block 9. This address must be within the city or town where you claim legal voting residence. Complete address where you want your ballot sent, usually where you live now. In addition to mailing a regular ballot, Connecticut provides a State Special Blank Write-In Absentee Ballot up to 90 days before the election to Uniformed Service members and their eligible family members unable to vote in the regular absentee voting process due to military contingencies. This ballot allows you to vote for local, State and Federal offices. To request it, write in Block 9: "Due to military contingencies, I am unable to follow the regular absentee ballot application process. I request a special write-in absentee ballot." Provide any information that may assist the city or town elections official in accepting this application. Sign and date. No witness or notary required. Connecticut allows you to submit the FPCA by mail, email or fax. If you choose to mail your FPCA, mail the form directly to your city or town elections department. Addresses can be found at the end of this section. If you choose to email your FPCA, send the form as a signed, scanned attachment. Email directly to your city or town elections department. Email addresses can be found at the end of this section. If you submit the FPCA by email, you must also submit the original FPCA by mail If you choose to fax your FPCA, you must also submit the FPCA by mail. It is recommended that you fax the form directly to your local election official. Fax numbers can be found at []( You may also use the DoD Electronic Transmission Service to fax your FPCA toll-free. To use the Electronic Transmission Service, use the cover sheet available in Chapter 1 or at [] (, and fax to: (703) 693-5527, DSN 223-5527, or toll-free from the U.S., Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands to 1-800-368-8683. International toll-free numbers can be found on the inside back cover or at [] ( If you submit the FPCA by fax, you must also submit the original FPCA by mail To find out the status of your registration/absentee ballot request, contact your local election office at [] (, or refer to Connecticut's voter registration verification website [here]( If you are a Uniformed Service member, family member, or overseas citizen residing temporarily outside the U.S., anyone may ask your local election official to send you registration materials and/or a ballot on your behalf. A U.S. citizen who was born abroad and who is eligible to vote and who has never lived in the U.S. may register to vote in the town or city in Connecticut where a parent or legal guardian would be eligible to register and vote. Connecticut allows you to use the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB) for voting in primary, special, runoff and general elections for Federal office. If you are registered and have requested your absentee ballot, feel free to use the FWAB to vote any time before an election. Connecticut does not allow you to use this form for registration. Do not check the registration box. Select the category that describes you. Name (Last, First, Middle). Date of birth.<br/><br/>Enter your valid Connecticut Driver's License number, the last four digits of your Social Security number, OR your State voter registration number. Recommended but not required. Provide your contact information to allow your local election official to follow up if more information is required. To vote in primary elections, you must enter your political party affiliation. Complete street address of your Connecticut voting residence. A post office box is not sufficient. If your address includes a rural route, describe its location in Block 9. This address must be within the city or town where you claim legal voting residence. Enter your current mailing address. Provide any information that may assist the local election official in accepting this ballot or application. Sign and date. No witness or notary required. Vote for any Federal office in a general, primary or special election. To find out the races and candidates for which you can vote, go to [] ( For each office for which you vote, write in either a candidate's name or a political party designation. Once the ballot is complete, fold and place it in the security envelope and seal. Place only the voted ballot in the security envelope and do not write on the security envelope. Connecticut requires you to submit the FWAB by mail. Mail the form directly to your city or town elections department. Addresses can be found at the end of this section. The FWAB must be received by the city or town elections department by the ballot return deadline. If you receive the State ballot after submitting the voted FWAB, you may also vote and return the State ballot. If both ballots are received by the deadline, only the State ballot will be counted. Insert the sealed security envelope and the Voter's Declaration/ Affirmation into the mailing envelope and mail your FWAB directly to your city or town elections official. >***Voted ballots must be received by the local election office before the close of polls on Election Day.*** No witness or notary is required on voted ballots. Voted ballots must be returned by mail. Overseas Uniformed Service members should request to have the Prepaid Mail Label 11-DOD applied to their ballot materials at Military Postal Office locations (APO/FPO). This label provides free express mail service to your local election official for voted ballots mailed on or before the general election date. You retain a portion if the label for tracking your ballot through the U.S. Postal Service. You may track the status of your ballot at [] ( 2014-08-12T00:00:00.000 State Primary 2014-11-04T05:00:00.000 2014-08-11T00:00:00.000 State Primary Registration 2014-11-03T01:00:00.000 General Election Registration 2014-08-12T00:00:00.000 State Primary Ballot Request 2014-11-04T01:00:00.000 General Election Ballot Request 2014-08-12T00:00:00.000 State Primary Ballot Return 2014-11-04T01:00:00.000 General Election Ballot Return How can I register to vote as a military or overseas voter? Fill out and return the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) to your local election office. This form allows election officials to identify you as a voter covered by *UOCAVA* (Federal law providing special protections). What is my voting residence? The place you consider your true, fixed and permanent home. Do I need to claim a political party to vote primary elections? Yes. If you do not select a party, you can still vote in the general election, but not in the primary election. How can I submit my FPCA? You can mail, email or fax your FPCA. If you submit your FPCA by email or fax, you must also submit the original FPCA by mail. Addresses can be found at the end of this section. How often must I submit my FPCA? Each year. If I am currently registered to vote, how may I request an absentee ballot? Fill out and return the FPCA to your local election office by mail, email or fax. How can I return my voted ballot or Federal Write-In Ballot (FWAB)? By mail. What must I do to use the FWAB and can I use the FWAB to vote in State and local elections? If you are registered to vote and have requested your absentee ballot, feel free to use the FWAB to vote any time before an election. The FWAB may only be used to vote in Federal elections. I am an American citizen, but I have never lived in the U.S., can I register to vote in this State? Yes, in the town or city where a parent or legal guardian would be eligible to register and vote. Will I need a notary or witness for my FPCA or FWAB? No. Where can I find information about the candidates and/or other items that will be on my ballot? Please visit [] ( City 860-742-7535 Andover 17 School Road Andover CT 06232-0328 City 203-736-5982 Ansonia 253 Main Street Ansonia CT 06401-1410 City 860-487-4431 Ashford 25 Pompey Hollow Road Ashford CT 06278-1552 City 860-677-8428 Avon 60 West Main Street Avon CT 06001-3719 City 860-379-9284 Barkhamsted 67 Ripley Hill Road Barkhamsted CT 06063-3340 City 203-729-1078 Beacon Falls 10 Maple Avenue Beacon Falls CT 06403-1198 City 860-828-7180 Berlin 240 Kensington Rd Berlin CT 06037-0001 City 203-393-0821 Bethany 40 Peck Road Bethany CT 06524-3338 City 203-794-8588 Bethel 1 School Street Bethel CT 06801-0003 City 860-769-3597 Bethlehem PO Box 160 Bethlehem CT 06751-0053 City 860-769-3598 Bloomfield 800 Bloomfield Ave. Bloomfield CT 06002-0337 City 860-643-0021 Bolton 222 Bolton Center Road Bolton CT 06043-7698 City 860-887-5449 Bozrah 1 River RD. Bozrah CT 06334-0158 City 203-481-5561 Branford PO Box 150 Branford CT 06405-0150 City 203-330-2811 Bridgeport 45 Lyon Terrace Bridgeport CT 06604-4062 City 860-350-5944 Bridgewater PO Box 216 Bridgewater CT 06752-0216 City 860-584-6199 Bristol 111 North Main Street Bristol CT 06010-8184 City 203-775-5231 Brookfield 100 Pocono Rd Brookfield CT 06804-5106 City 860-779-3744 Brooklyn PO Box 356 Brooklyn CT 06234-0356 City 860-675-9312 Burlington 200 Spielman Highway Burlington CT 06013-1710 City 860-824-4506 Canaan PO Box 47 Canaan CT 06031-0155 City 860-546-9295 Canterbury 1 Municapal Drive Canterbury CT 06331-0027 City 860-693-7840 Canton PO Box 168 Canton CT 06022-0168 City 860-455-0027 Chaplin 495 Phoenixville Road Chaplin CT 06235 City 203-271-6615 Cheshire 84 Shouth Main Street Cheshire CT 06410 City 860-526-0004 Chester 203 Middlesex Ave. Chester CT 06412-3108 City 860-669-0890 Clinton 54 East Main Street Clinton CT 06413-0174 City 860-537-0547 Colchester 127 Norwich Avenue Colchester CT 06415-0146 City 860-379-2342 Colebrook P. O. Box 5 Colebrook CT 06021-0005 City 860-228-1952 Columbia 323 RT 87 Columbia CT 06237-0165 City 860-742-8911 Conventry 1712 Main Street Conventry CT 06238 City 860-672-4959 Cornwall PO Box 97 Cornwall CT 06753-0097 City 860-632-3425 Cromwell 41 West Street Cromwell CT 06416-2142 City 203-796-8087 Danbury 155 Deer Hill Avenue Danbury CT 06810-7726 City 203-656-7380 Darien 2 Renshaw Road Darien CT 06820-5344 City 860-526-6023 Deep River 174 Main Street Deep River CT 06417-2008 City 203-736-1458 Derby 1 Elizabeth ST Derby CT 06418-1897 City 860-349-8391 Durham PO Box 428 Durham CT 06422-0428 City 860-653-4017 East Granby 9 Center Street East Granby CT 06026-0459 City 860-345-3730 East Haddam 7 Main St. East Haddam CT 06423-0295 City 860-267-1027 East Hampton 20 East High Street East Hampton CT 06424-1091 City 860-289-0831 East Hartford 740 Main Street East Hartford CT 06108-3114 City 203-468-3916 East Haven 250 Main Street East Haven CT 06512-3004 City 860-739-6930 East Lyme 108 Pennsylvania Ave. East Lyme CT 06357-0519 City 860-623-4798 East Windsor Box 213 East Windsor CT 06016-0213 City 860-974-0624 Eastford 16 Westford RD. Eastford CT 06242-0296 City 203-261-6080 Easton 225 Center Road Easton CT 06612-1398 City 860-870-3158 Ellington PO Box 187 Ellington CT 06029-0187 City 860-253-6331 Enfield 820 Enfield Street Enfield CT 06082-2997 City 860-767-4560 Essex PO Box 98 Essex CT 06426-1140 City 203-256-3114 Fairfield 611 Old Post Road Fairfield CT 06824 City 860-675-7140 Farmington 1 Monteith Drive Road Farmington CT 06032-1053 City 860-642-6606 Franklin 7 Meeting House Hill Road Franklin CT 06254-9775 City 860-652-7639 Glastonbury 2155 Main Street, P.O. Box 6523 Glastonbury CT 06033-6523 City 860-491-6028 Goshen 42 North Street, Box 54 Goshen CT 06756-0054 City 860-653-4769 Granby 15 North Granby Road Grandby CT 06035-9442 City 203-622-7774 Greenwich Town Hall Greenwich CT 06836-2540 City 860-376-7070 Griswold PO Box 369 Griswold CT 06351-2398 City 860-441-6678 Groton 45 Fort Hill Road Groton CT 06340-4360 City Guilford 31 Park Street Guilford CT 06437-2629 City 860-345-3730 Haddam PO Box 87 Haddam CT 06438-0087 City 203-287-7095 Hamden 2750 Dixwell Avenue Hamden CT 06518-3207 City 860-455-0517 Hampton PO Box 143 Hampton CT 06247-0143 City 860-722-8041 Hartford 550 Main Street Hartford CT 06103-2992 City 860-455-0517 Hartland 22 South Road, PO Box 297 Hartland CT 06027-9999 City 860-485-0051 Harwinton PO Box 66 Harwinton CT 06791-0065 City 860-228-4859 Hebron PO Box 156 Hebron CT 06248-0156 City 860-927-1313 Kent PO Box 678 Kent CT 06757-0678 City 860-779-5394 Killingly PO Box 6000 Danielson CT 06239 City 860-663-3305 Killingworth 323 Route 81 Killingworth CT 06419 City 860-642-7716 Lebanon PO Box 28 Lebanon CT 06249-0028 City 860-464-1126 Ledyard 741 Colonel Ledyard Highway Ledyard CT 06339-1541 City 860-376-6545 Lisbon 1 Newent Road Lisbon CT 06351-2926 City 860-567-7552 Litchfield PO Box 488 Litchfield CT 06759-9602 City 860-434-2989 Lyme Route 156, RR 2 Lyme CT 06371-9614 City 203-245-5613 Madison 8 Campus Drive Madison CT 06443-2563 City 860-647-3029 Manchester PO Box 191 Manchester CT 06045-0191 City 860-295-0317 Marlborough North Main Street, PO Box 29 Marlborough CT 06447-0029 City 203-630-4059 IMASSE@MERIDeNCT.GOV Meriden 142 East Main Street Meriden CT 06450-5605 City 203-758-2915 Middlebury 1212 Whittemore Road Middlebury CT 06762-2425 City 860-349-7115 Middlefield 393 Jackson Hill Road Middlefield CT 06455-1208 City 860-344-3591 Middletown Box 1300 Middletown CT 06457 City 203-783-3362 Milford 70 West River Street Milford CT 06460-3364 City 203-261-6197 Monroe 7 Fan Hill Road Monroe CT 06468-1823 City 860-848-9784 Montville 310 Norwich-New London Turnpike Uncasville CT 06382-2599 City 860-567-7432 Morris PO Box 66 Morris CT 06763-0066 City 203-720-7099 Naugatuck 229 Church Street Naugatuck CT 06770-4199 City 860-612-4207 New Britain 27 West Main Street New Britain CT 06051-2298 City 203-966-0309 New Canaan 237 Elm Street New Canaan CT 06840 City 203-312-5612 New Fairfield Town Hall, 4 Brush Hill Road New Fairfield CT 06812-2619 City 860-379-0614 New Hartford 530 Main Street, Box 426 New Hartford CT 06057-0316 City 203-946-6561 New Haven 200 Orange Street New Haven CT 06510-2067 City 860-447-1644 New London 181 State Street New London CT 06320-6302 City 860-355-6002 New Milford 10 Main St. New Milford CT 06776 City 860-665-8507 Newington 131 Cedar Street Newington CT 06111-2644 City 203-270-4213 Newtown 3 Primrose Street Newtown CT 06470-2185 City 860-542-5274 Norfolk PO Box 552 Norfolk CT 06058-0552 City 203-484-6025 North Branford 909 Foxon Road North Branford CT 06471-1501 City 203-594-3073 North Canaan 100 Pease Street #7 Canaan CT 06018-0338 City 203-234-2130 North Haven 18 Church Street North Haven CT 06473-0336 City 860-535-4554 North Stonington 40 Main Street North Stonington CT 06359-1612 City 203-854-7817 Norwalk PO Box 5125 Norwalk CT 06856-5125 City 860-823-3790 Norwich 100 Broadway Norwich CT 06360-4431 City 860-434-1400 Old Lyme 52 Lyme Street Old Lyme CT 06371-2331 City 860-395-5014 Old Saybrook 302 Main Street Old Saybrook CT 06475-0618 City 203-891-2185 Orange 617 Orange Center Road Orange CT 06477-2423 City 203-888-2136 Oxford 486 Oxford Road Oxford CT 06478 City 860-230-3033 Plainfield 8 Community Avenue Plainfield CT 06374-1238 City 860-793-2285 Plainville One Central Square Plainville CT 06062 City 860-585-4015 Plymouth 80 Main Street Plymouth CT 06786-1295 City 860-974-3950 Pomfret 5 Haven Road Pomfret Center CT 06259-1741 City 860-342-0001 Portland PO Box 71 Portland CT 06480-0071 City 860-885-1905 Preston 389 Route 2 Preston CT 06365-8830 City 203-758-4466 Prospect 36 Center Street Prospect CT 06712-2101 City 860-963-5360 Putnam 126 Church Street Putnam CT 06260-1831 City 203-938-5000 Redding 100 Hill Road, PO Box 1028 Redding CT 06875-0028 City 203-431-2722 Ridgefield 400 Main Street Ridgefield CT 06877-4699 City 860-258-7638 Rocky Hill 699 Old Main Street Rocky Hill CT 06067-0657 City 860-354-0560 Roxbury PO Box 203 Roxbury CT 06783-0365 City 860-859-1184 Salem 270 Hartford Road Salem CT 06420-3804 City 860-435-5172 Salisbury PO Box 548 Salisbury CT 06068-0548 City 860-423-3666 Scotland PO Box 122 Scotland CT 06264-0122 City 203-881-5005 Seymour 1 First Street Seymour CT 06483-2817 City 860-364-5224 Sharon PO Box 224 Sharon CT 06069-0224 City 203-924-1721 Shelton PO Box 364 Shelton CT 06484-0364 City 860-350-5041 Sherman Mallory Town Hall Sherman CT 06784-0039 City 860-658-3285 Simsbury 933 Hopmeadow Street Simsbury CT 06070-0495 City 860-763-8228 Somers PO Box 308 Somers CT 06071-0203 City 860-644-3781 South Windsor 1540 Sullivan Avenue South Windsor CT 06074-2786 City 203-264-9762 Southbury 501 Main Street, South Southbury CT 06488-2295 City 860-276-6229 Southington 75 Main Street Southington CT 06489-2504 City 860-822-3013 Sprague PO Box 162 Sprague CT 06330-0162 City 860-684-1795 Stafford PO Box 11 Stafford Springs CT 06076 City 203-977-4943 Stamford PO Box 891 Stamford CT 06904-0891 City 860-564-1660 Sterling PO Box 157 Oneco CT 06373-0157 City 860-535-5062 Stonington 152 Elm Street Stonington CT 06378-0352 City 203-385-4005 SPAWLUK@TOWNOFSTRATFORD.COM Stratford 2725 Main Street Stratford CT 06615-5892 City 860-668-3312 Suffield 83 Mountain Road Suffield CT 06078 City 860-742-7535 Thomaston PO Box 899, 815 Riverside Drive North Grofvendale CT 06787-1720 City 860-923-3836 Thompson PO Box 160 Thompson CT 06255-0160 City 860-871-3663 Tolland 21 Tolland Green Tolland CT 06084-9445 City 860-489-2548 Torrington 140 Main Street Torrington CT 06790-5201 City 203-452-5094 Trumbull 5866 Main Street Trumbull CT 06611-3193 City 860-684-3370 Union 1043 Buckley Highway Union CT 06076-9520 City 860-870-3583 Vernon 14 Park Place Vernon CT 06066-3291 City 860-376-3295 Voluntown PO Box 96 Voluntown CT 06384-0096 City 203-294-2150 Wallingford 45 South Main Street, Room #108 Wallingford CT 06492 City 860-868-7746 Warren 50 Cemetery Road Warren CT 06754-1713 City 860-868-3103 Washington PO Box 383 Washington CT 06794-0383 City 203-574-6887 Waterbury 235 Grand Street Waterbury CT 06702-1983 City 860-437-0352 Waterford 15 Rope Ferry Road Waterford CT 06385-2806 City 860-945-4741 Watertown 37 DeForest Street Watertown CT 06795-2195 City 860-561-7438 West Hartford 50 South Main Street West Hartford CT 06107-2431 City 203-937-3504 West Haven 355 Main Street West Haven CT 06516-4310 City 860-399-3092 Westbrook 1163 Boston Post Road, PO Box G Westbrook CT 06498-0676 City 203-222-8871 Weston PO Box 1007 Weston CT 06883-1007 City 203-341-1112 Westport 110 Myrtle Avenue Westport CT 06880-3514 City 860-721-2994 Wethersfield 505 Silas Deane Highway Wethersfield CT 06109-2219 City 860-487-3103 Willington 40 Old Farms Road Willington CT 06279-1720 City 203-563-0299 Wilton 238 Danbury Road Wilton CT 06897-4008 City 860-738-7053 Winchester 338 Main Street Winchester CT 06098-1697 City 860-465-3012 Windham PO Box 94 Windham CT 06226-0094 City 860-285-1909 Windsor PO Box 472 Windsor CT 06095-0472 City 860-292-1121 Windsor Locks 50 Church Street Windsor Locks CT 06096-2331 City 203-879-8105 Wolcott 10 Kenea Avenue Wolcott CT 06716-2114 City 203-389-3473 Woodbridge 11 Meetinghouse Lane Woodbridge CT 06525 City 203-263-4755 Woodbury PO Box 369 Woodbury CT 06798 City 860-963-7557 Woodstock 415 Route 169 Woodstock CT 06281 Town 860-429-7785 Mansfield 4 South Eagleville Rd Storrs CT 06268-2599